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Lipoma has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CEN | ER | Urgent Care.

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  1. Lipoma

    University of South Alabama DNP Fall 2021

    Btw, if you submitted your supplemental application after they went through the site update (which is what is being linked), you won't see your submitted application.
  2. Lipoma

    Emergency Nursing

    I'm proud to be a CEN and looking forward to pursuing ENP-C in the near future as I apply to NP school.
  3. Lipoma

    University of South Alabama DNP Fall 2021

    From my limited understanding, it is sent via email first follow by snail mail.
  4. Lipoma

    University of South Alabama Spring 2021

    Any updates? I'm pretty sure you'll get in with 6 years of ER experience.
  5. Lipoma

    Portage Learning Classes

    It took me about a month to complete Lifespan. I completed one module with it's accompanying module exam every 2-3 days. Started March 9th and submitted the final exam on April 15th.
  6. Lipoma

    New Grad ER, Tomorrow is my first day!

    You have all that experience? You should have NO issues. I survived with no ER experience 😄
  7. Lipoma

    Should I mention this in an interview?

    I might be the minority here but in all of my interviews I have included that I plan on advancing my education and become an NP after a few years of clinical practice as a RN. Landed both jobs without issues.
  8. Lipoma

    BSN to DNP

    Is anyone in Jefferson's DNP-FNP program? I will be enrolling this Fall. I plan to do this program part-time for right now to see if I can handle the course load and then change to FT as I progress. Any pros and cons? I did get my ABSN from Jefferson so I have somewhat an idea about their nursing college.
  9. Lipoma

    Vanity Plates?

    I don't even want other people in the hospital to know I'm a nurse, much less the general public LOL. Some people make their profession their entire identity. But if they're into that, I'm not one to judge
  10. Lipoma

    FNP no longer allowed to practice inpatient

    Dual FNP and ACNP.
  11. Lipoma

    CEN Study

    So I've been studying for the CEN exam and I must say...I truly hate being a "student" all again LOL. I've been studying since January and I took BCEN's practice exam and scored an 81% (120 out of 150). How accurate is this exam? It seems somewhat doable and I fear I might go into the exam with an inflated "chance" of passing. I have been using Sheehy's manual of Emergency Care and CEN Exam Secrets by Mometrix. I've also been using CEN Pocketprep app.
  12. Lipoma

    Banner Health- AZ job help

    I know this was posted almost 2 years ago...anyone have any intel?
  13. Lipoma

    IV Insulin and Cardizem

    Or better yet...place another IV. Working in the ER I've sent patients up with 2-3 peripheral IVs. If pt is a hard stick, get the resident to drop an EJ or central line.
  14. Lipoma

    Is this resident abuse and should be reported?

    We are critical thinkers as nurses. If we can differentiate between the sick and not sick...We can differentiate between scolding and abusing. Per OP, the resident made unwarranted contact...the Healthcare provider responded... Not elder abuse. CNA made unwarranted contact that causes temporary or permanent injury (psychological, emotional, physical)... Elder abuse. Public layperson makes unwarranted contact... Assault... Public layperson makes unwarranted contact... 2nd party responded with force... Self-defense. If I reported every parent that walks through my ER who scolded their kid because they aren't behaving (ie running in/out the exam room or destroying the ER) there would be PIs everywhere. Now if a parent was scolding a child acting ordinary or if said child is behaving ordinary to their milestone but is overtly withdrawn.... Then yes I'd report it IF I suspect abuse.
  15. Lipoma

    Is this resident abuse and should be reported?

    Jesuuuuus, nurses/CNAs just be looking for any reason to report a coworker "because they need to protect their own license". The resident is AO and made unwanted contact...it's best you stay out of it lol. If you saw a parent swat a kid's arm away from them OR yell at them for being annoying are you going to run and call child services?
  16. Lipoma

    New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    According to BCEN, they recommend 1 year of full-time experience. I was encouraged to start thinking about taking it since I hit my 1 year mark in 2 weeks. I'm in the process of enrolling in some CEUs courses to prep for the exam per my hospital's education department.