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Lipoma has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Nursing.

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  1. Lipoma

    Banner Health- AZ job help

    I know this was posted almost 2 years ago...anyone have any intel?
  2. Lipoma

    IV Insulin and Cardizem

    Or better yet...place another IV. Working in the ER I've sent patients up with 2-3 peripheral IVs. If pt is a hard stick, get the resident to drop an EJ or central line.
  3. Lipoma

    Is this resident abuse and should be reported?

    We are critical thinkers as nurses. If we can differentiate between the sick and not sick...We can differentiate between scolding and abusing. Per OP, the resident made unwarranted contact...the Healthcare provider responded... Not elder abuse. CNA made unwarranted contact that causes temporary or permanent injury (psychological, emotional, physical)... Elder abuse. Public layperson makes unwarranted contact... Assault... Public layperson makes unwarranted contact... 2nd party responded with force... Self-defense. If I reported every parent that walks through my ER who scolded their kid because they aren't behaving (ie running in/out the exam room or destroying the ER) there would be PIs everywhere. Now if a parent was scolding a child acting ordinary or if said child is behaving ordinary to their milestone but is overtly withdrawn.... Then yes I'd report it IF I suspect abuse.
  4. Lipoma

    Is this resident abuse and should be reported?

    Jesuuuuus, nurses/CNAs just be looking for any reason to report a coworker "because they need to protect their own license". The resident is AO and made unwanted contact...it's best you stay out of it lol. If you saw a parent swat a kid's arm away from them OR yell at them for being annoying are you going to run and call child services?
  5. Lipoma

    New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    According to BCEN, they recommend 1 year of full-time experience. I was encouraged to start thinking about taking it since I hit my 1 year mark in 2 weeks. I'm in the process of enrolling in some CEUs courses to prep for the exam per my hospital's education department.
  6. Lipoma

    Ridiculous class schedule, please help

    I graduated nursing school at 25....You have a whole 2 decade of nursing to do lol. You'll be A-Oh kay.
  7. Lipoma

    Got in, and failed 😔😔

    I completed a 1 year accelerated BSN program.
  8. Lipoma

    Accelerated BSN Student Loan

    Did you try discover student loan? Also look at credit unions. PenFed gave me a 5.6 fixed rate after I consolidated with them to beat discovers 8.7% APR. No way in h*ll would I take a 12.75% APR student loan for 41K.
  9. Lipoma

    Using medical terminology as a nurse

    I charte hematuria alllll the time in my documentation. It's actually one of our options to click on our genito-urinary chief complaints in our EMR.
  10. Lipoma

    New grad no preceptor.

    I don't know how you survived 4 weeks without a preceptor. I'm 8 months into my new grad RN position and 4 months off of orientation. I was clueless of how to 'NURSE' and was nervous as hell coming off of orientation. Kudos to you because I would've gone insane. Even after being off orientation, I'm still learning how to function independently. That said...this is very unsafe to have a new grad RN let loose to care for patients in the ER without proper guidance. There are so many things that can go wrong and actually put you in a position where there is patient harm. Go to your manager, like yesterday, and tell them. If it's not rectify, go to HR. If that doesn't fix the issue, seek employment elsewhere.
  11. Lipoma

    Is this for Me?

    I had classmates older than you and we all graduated and were gainfully employed within 3-4months post-graduation. You might not have health care experience but you have LIFE experience.
  12. Lipoma

    Discouraged New Grad

    I have never understood how one can let anyone in the same situation as them have an effect on their happiness/livelihood. Your classmate might have a heightened ego but take a step back and realize....he goes to the same school as you, and you've taken the very same classes and clinicals. So if he thinks you belong at a lesser school, he might need to be there as well. I've never felt this way because I did go into nursing with 3 years of prior experience....but I started off at the same level as my novice colleagues. Prior experience only goes so far but if it wasn't NURSING experience, then it isn't bragging rights. Don't be envious. He sounds cocky, and nothing is more dangerous than a cocky student nurse.
  13. Lipoma

    12 hr night nurses-how many recovery days?

    1 day is usually enough for me to recover. I'm on night 2 of 4. I am actually less exhausted on night shift than I was on day shift.
  14. Lipoma

    Student Charge Nurse out of line

    1: It sounds asisine because you did not do it as a student. People tend to be against anything they are inexperienced with. Also being a charge is part of a nurse's scope, so why not get exposure to that role during nursing school and learn what it entails? Nurses are becoming charge nurses within a year of being in practice. As the charge, we were to get report on ALL of those patients under the care of that student, cover lunch breaks, help with med passes, morning care, and to be an extra hand to our fellow students. If they were falling behind, we would be of an assistance to get them back up to speed. If the students had any issues they would come to us and we would work through it (you know... problem solve) before we go to the instructor/nurs. It's all about time management. All of my clinical groups had 7 students and during our final preceptorship, we had 5 students for 1 instructor...but we were assigned to 1 nurse and all of their patients during that 12 hour shift. 2: If they had doubts they would approach their fellow student themself and inquire if they had any issues getting the blood pressure (example of double checking each other). A licensed nurse would go straight to the source and not to ANOTHER NURSE to gossip (example of not double checking each other). That's how lateral bullying occurs and the forming of cliques. If she was advocating for the patient, she would retake the blood pressure herself and compare results (to note any large discrepancy). Let's not fool ourselves, the title "charge" went to their head and they took this role way too serious. You state if you're doing your job well then they shouldn't be offended? Yet, everyday on this forum there is a seasoned nurse who is doing their job well complaining of upper management micromanaging them. Frustration is part of the job, but my take is to let things roll of your sleeves if they're not "cutting you a check"
  15. Lipoma

    Student Charge Nurse out of line

    Looooord, that title def went to their head. I was a student charge for 3 clinical days and was "responsible" for 2 students and 8 patients. All I cared about was that charting was complete at the end of the day. Going back to ask another student "did you see them do... Blah blah blah" is just down right mean girl. There's a real nurse who is actually responsible for the patient... Nothing we do is final because that would not hold up in court "well the student said... Did this..." I'd say let it go. If they're not the ones grading you or cutting you a check, let it roll off your sleeves.
  16. Lipoma

    How many prerequisites Did you take at once?

    I took genetics and micro simultaneously. I also took A&P and Nutrition together. I suggest you take A&P by itself in a given semester. Same goes for chemistry because these classes will take up all of your time and energy.

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