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Lipoma has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CEN | ER | Urgent Care.

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  1. CVICU Practicum and I'm so nervous!

    What was your transition like?
  2. ED to ICU CCU Transition

    Hello! So I'm considering taking the plunge and transitioning to the ICU CCU from almost 4 years in the ED. I'm coming from a 34 bed community hospital (patients are sick sick) and thinking about going to a level 2 trauma hospital ICU CCU settin...
  3. Are you a Nurse just for the money or do you do it from your heart?

    Money...but I don't let $ cloud the care I give. Everyone deserves to be respected and given empathetic care. If this didn't pay a good amount of money then I wouldn't do nursing because although patients are respectful, an overwhelming number o...
  4. Travel RN to New FNP - Is it worth it?

    You could always do 2 travel shifts/week and 1-2 shifts/week as a PT NP. I'm currently in FNP/ENP school and also a travel RN and the money is too great to pass up even though I'm a few years out before graduation.
  5. ER Holding Due To No Beds

    Urban with 3 other hospitals within a 15-minute radius. But the volume is what's killing us and everyone has left or in the process of leaving to do travel nursing...
  6. ER Holding Due To No Beds

    Last week we had 25 admit holds which included 2 ICUs and 1 PCU. It's a 34 bed ER. Wait times pushing 6-10hrs.
  7. Patient going to complain against me?

    Patients complain all the time (it gets easier the more it happens LOL). You did nothing wrong - you acted within your scope given by the parameters that were prescribed. Once you clock out, leave it at work and don't bring it home with you. ...
  8. Go While You Can...Raise the Pay!!

    What???? Even with full bennies, I'm not bringing in more than 16K/month. Not even half of that. There's a travel position posted at the hospital I am staff for 4.5K/week for 13 weeks LOL!
  9. University of South Alabama DNP Fall 2021

    Yeah, you gotta see your PCP for them to either have the titers drawn at the clinic or send the order to labcorp/quest.
  10. University of South Alabama DNP Fall 2021

    Nope. It's still not 100% completed. Waiting on my bloodwork and my PCP to complete my physical paperwork.
  11. Help me decide what job to take! New Grad Angst

    As @meanmaryjane stated, leave the ranking out of the equation. Go for the experience and pay. When I graduated nursing school few years ago, many of my classmates were trying to get into the big hospital names to buffer their resume meanwhile I...
  12. University of South Alabama DNP Fall 2021

    lool! My bad, it was dated April 14th so it's definitely on its way.
  13. University of South Alabama DNP Fall 2021

    I got my snail mail today informing me on how to access my Jag Account.
  14. University of South Alabama DNP Fall 2021

    I work mid-shift and it's tolerable. I don't do well on days but I appreciate going home at a reasonable time. I'm at that point where I want to leave as well but cherish the experience and autonomy too much.
  15. University of South Alabama DNP Fall 2021

    Got it! Yeah, I'm looking at 4 years minimum for the BSN-DNP...I've been eyeing the cardiovascular subspecialty but I don't know how useful it'll be in the short term since I do not plan on working in a cards office. I'm also looking at wor...