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NCLEX-RN Repeat test takers (2014)

by turtlelover turtlelover (New) New

I just wanted to share my experience to all of you! :yes:

I took the NCLEX the first time 3 weeks after I graduated, which was last September 2014 because I thought I was ready. I did a bunch of questions everyday but anxiety was building up. The day I took it I felt so much pressure from everyone and could not focus, I thought if I could just get over the test fast and not change my answers I could pass.

During the exam my head was filled with negativity, I kept thinking "I should have studied this more..." Instead of focusing on the here and now. I finished with 75 questions in less than 1 hour. I was mortified cause I felt like I failed.

I came home and did the Pearson Vue Trick and yes I did enter my CC information because I thought if they take my money it will be ok since I was going to retake it anyway. And sure enough it went through and I was devastated and 2 days later it was official I failed.:no:

A week passed and yes I was depressed I cried and I knew that it will be ok but for that one week I couldn't help but be sad because it is a let down and my friends were getting jobs and I felt behind. Then I dusted myself off and decided to just take my time and study and spend time with family and friends after all I had 45 days to retake it:sneaky:

What helped me:

1) La Charity Prioritization and Delegation book (definitely)

2) Saunders 4th or 5th edition (review topics and food questions)

3) 35 page review that's been going around the boards

4) Kaplan test taking strategies

5) 3500 NCLEX questions online (free) **some of these questions were similar to the exam

6) Believing in myself

7) Prayers!

I decided to retake my exam Nov. 19 and I did not tell anyone because I thought it was too much pressure if anyone knew. The day before the exam I barely studied maybe just 30 min and I went out. Got a haircut and distracted myself.

The day of my exam I brought water, snack, and even tylenol in case of headaches or in case I was going to take the whole 6 hours.

I had 8 hours of sleep and was pumped and nervous but had a positive attitude. I took my time and kept praying and smiling through all the questions and after 5ish hours I took all 265 questions. I felt drained but I had faith and hope that I passed.

I came home and did the PVT trick and sure enough I got a good pop up but I was still nervous cause I knew there had been instances that it didn't work. 2 days later though I bought the unofficial transcripts and I passed!!

For those who have to retake don't give up ever and trust in your faith and/or in yourself the amount of questions don't matter cause I failed at 75 but passed at 265.

Good luck to all!!:up:


Cheers 💊💉

I took my exam on November 19 as well and went all the way to 265! I was so sure I failed and I was starting to prepare myself to study again but I checked my results 2 days later and I passed! :) Congratulations RN!

@kimmy20: Congratulations to you too RN!! :nurse:

I'd already told everyone I will not say when my test is scheduled, exactly for the reason you posted. I didn't want the added pressure. I'm glad you passed, I hope I do too! CONGRATS! =)

Great job! I passed at 75, but the number of select all that applies there were had me in melt down mode! I thought I failed, and to boot, I am not sure if I confidently answered one single question. Hardest test in the world!


@cp1024 Yes I think it was a great idea to not tell anyone :) and I hope you do too!!

@Darthnurse: Those select all that applies were too much! and yes it definitely was a hard test just glad its over and Congrats to you too!! :)