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  1. Darthnurse

    Denial and appeal process for RN license

    Any concerns about finding a job? Does the BON in your state list you disciplinary action on the website like AZ's does?
  2. Darthnurse

    Denial and appeal process for RN license

    What were your stipulations and why December?
  3. Darthnurse


    There was an amazing study guide posted on here! I can email it if you cannot find it!
  4. Darthnurse

    NCLEX-RN Repeat test takers (2014)

    Great job! I passed at 75, but the number of select all that applies there were had me in melt down mode! I thought I failed, and to boot, I am not sure if I confidently answered one single question. Hardest test in the world! Congrats!
  5. Darthnurse

    Brand New and Blemished

    By history of nine years, I mean to say two arrests nine years ago and one dismissed three years ago. All alcohol related and all before I started my BSN.
  6. Darthnurse

    Brand New and Blemished

    I am a new grad nurse with a criminal history of nine years. The BON saw a pattern and decided to send me for an eval in which the return was that I did not have a substance abuse disorder, but I am high risk. His recommendation was that I CONTINUE m...