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  1. kimmy20

    Taking Nclex, when is license posted online (IL)?

    I'm not sure which area in IL you're from but in Chicago I would not buy quick results because you get your results from continental testing site in the mail in 2 days after you take your exam. If you pass you get an application for licensure and you can mail that to IDFPR along with a $50 check. Buying quick results wouldn't be worth it because you still have to wait for the application in mail anyway. IDFPR is notorious for being extremely slow. I passed in November and didn't even get my license number online and in hand until mid January. Previous poster is right about how most places (especially the big hospitals) will not even consider you unless you have your license on hand. You could be a lucky one and get it with no problem in 2-4 weeks after sending in your application for licensure with the fee. Good luck!
  2. Thank you for the response and advice. I have been applying everywhere and even in positions I don't exact see myself in. I was actually a tech on two different floors while I was in nursing school. I transferred my first one to another one because of the hostile environment between techs and nurses. The second unit I transferred to had 4 other student techs there and two of them were hired before me because they graduated earlier so no positions were opened around the time I graduated. And after I graduated I was basically told that since it was a student tech position, legally, I can't work there anymore so I had to resign. Since then I have been asking if they were hiring to let me know but they haven't had an open position
  3. I have been applying for jobs in my city for about two months and I finally got a response from HR at a local hospital and she said she sent my application to a NICU floor. She basically told me that I should be expecting an interview soon. At that time, I was so happy and excited to finally get a response and also possibly working at my dream job! I was starting to feel so hopeless during the two months of applying and not hearing anything. Well now it's been about 3 weeks since I last heard anything. I even followed up with HR on if I would be interviewing soon and she said she hasn't heard anything from the unit yet. I'm just wondering...is this normal for a hiring process? My application status says "pending review" and I don't even know what that means. I'm trying to be proactive and contacting the HR but she doesn't even know anything at this point so I don't know what to do. It's hard to stay positive. I'm also prepared for the worst and thinking they probably had a bunch of applicants sent to them and they already chose to interview a select few. This is so depressing and I feel like I'm never going to get a job. I'm just curious, and I know this all depends on location but how long did it take for you guys to get a job after getting your license and how long was your hiring process? I'm from a big major city so it's very competitive and saturated with new grads from December
  4. From my knowledge (and correct me if I'm wrong), once you obtain a degree like a bachelor's in another major you are no longer qualified for FAFSA or if you are you would get little to no financial aid. I was in my undergrad in college and 2 classes away from graduating with a kinesiology degree but my advisor told me if I plan on going to nursing school and obtaining a BSN that it might not be financially wise to graduate with another degree because FAFSA would not support a second degree and I would end up in debt. So I think in your case with obtaining a 2nd degree you wouldn't be qualified for FAFSA or financial aid so you would probably need to take out loans and apply for scholarships.
  5. kimmy20

    Took 265 Questions - NCLEX RN

    I also went up to 265...twice actually! First time I failed with 265 and second time I passed with 265. I thought that since I got 265 again that I failed again for sure...like every bone in my body and gut told me I failed. I didn't do the PVT and instead I started preparing to study again and researching resources/reviews. Then 2 days later I got my results expecting my CPR but along the lines of results it said: PASS! So just wait it out (I know easier said than done) and use that time to relax because pass or fail you deserve it. Good luck and I hope to hear good news! :) Oh also from what I know as a fact.. the last question doesn't determine if you pass or fail if you get SATA or not.
  6. kimmy20

    Doing bad in nursing school?

    I know exactly how you feel. When I took prereqs during my undergrad I always got straight A's. After getting into my dream nursing school I didn't think it was going to be that hard and boy I was WRONG. My usual habits back then helped me get As but when used in nursing school I was struggling especially in my pharmacology class. I barely passed the class and I was just at the cutoff. After that experience I had to change my habits. I had to study earlier and deeper! No more just scanning through my lecture slides - I had to go to office hours for my instructor to get extra tutoring and I had to read the assigned pages from the books. Don't ever think that you are not smart enough or dumb. You got into nursing school so they definitely saw the potential in you. Try changing your study habits and seek help when you need it especially from your classmates. I use to be very independent in my studying but I found that my peers are helpful and we teach each other what we need help in. Hope this helps and good luck! :)
  7. kimmy20

    Failed by less than a point

    Sorry to hear that but this could be a great motivation for you. In my first semester of nursing school I BARELY passed my pharmacology class. I think I was literally at the cutoff for a passing grade. I had no idea how I did on my final exam but I was convinced I didn't get a passing grade. During break, I kept checking my email expecting one from my instructor for the class telling me I didn't pass. To my surprise, I never got that email and I passed. If I didn't I would have to retake that class next year and delay graduation. Because of that near traumatic event it made me change completely - my study habits, my outlook, and my motivation. The semesters after I studied so hard for all my classes and started getting all A's. I told myself I would NEVER put myself in that situation ever again. I may not have saw it at the time but that experience was a blessing in disguise. I do know a girl in my class that repeated another year because she failed that class and she felt like that was actually the best thing to happen to her at that time. She had a lot of personal issues going on and she felt that she needed to that to happen so she would be put on a slower track and so she can balance her school work and personal life better. So really...failing doesn't mean you are a failure, it just means you have another opportunity to do it better! You'll have that RN title after your name one day and 21 is still a super young age! This is my favorite quote and hopefully this can help motivate you as well -- "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
  8. kimmy20

    I need advice from newly licensed grads!

    First of all...congrats on almost finishing! Your last semester is going to go by really fast! If your school offers NCLEX prep sessions take advantage of that! My school had an optional class for students to attend to go over NCLEX content. My regret and mistake was not utilizing that free resource. My plan was to finish school without worrying about NCLEX and wait until I graduated to get serious about it. I obviously didn't take it seriously enough and only studied a little here and there for about 2 and a half weeks and failed on my first try with 265 questions. I had to wait about 4-5 months to start seriously studying again because of personal issues but when I finally had the time I purchased Hurst and Kaplan and LaCharity PDA book. I used Hurst for content and Kaplan for questions. I think for me that was a good combination because I finally passed the second time around (with very little SATA). If you purchase Kaplan or Hurst it is only active for about 3 months I believe? You can extend it for a fee but I would suggest holding off on buying it until it's a little closer to your exam date. I heard good things about Saunder's comprehensive review book so if you want to study early that might be a good option. Good luck!
  9. kimmy20

    nclex prep

    I used Kaplan and Hurst but I found the content portion of Kaplan to be quite bland and boring. I couldn't really get the info to stick in my head...So I tried Hurst and loved it! The way they explain everything is really great and easy to understand. They give you a workbook to fill in notes as you go along the videos and they always repeat things over so it really sticks in your head. If you want, Hurst has a trial period you can check it out yourself to see if you like it!
  10. kimmy20

    nclex prep

    I think it depends on the person and what normally works for them. I found that for me writing down notes while listening to content was the best method to remembering information. Reading content always made me fall asleep and I get bored easily. I guess I'm more of a visual/auditory learner. Good luck! :)
  11. kimmy20

    NCBSN prorgam any idea?

    I don't know about you but I used both Hurst and Kaplan as well and when I took my exam the second time I felt like the questions weren't reflective of what I practiced at all. I think with Kaplan's practice questions you kind of learn their style of questions and how to answer them. I was scoring between 62-75% on my Kaplan qtrainers, which are all above the recommended score they wanted you to get because your chances are better. I thought that was a good indicator that I was ready and it made me confident that I was going to pass. Come exam time and I actually went all the way to 265 questions. My first attempt I went to 265 as well so I thought I failed again. I felt the questions were harder than what I was use to practicing and very different. Honestly I think the only reason why I passed was because I depended on my content knowledge. That was the only way I knew how to eliminate wrong answers and narrowed it down. All the strategies I learned didn't seem to apply in any of my questions. I guess my suggestion is just making sure you have a good foundation of content. I never used NCBSN before so I don't have an opinion on that but I know they also write the actual NCLEX so maybe their style of questions are similar to the exam. Good luck! I hope you pass the next time around :) *I forgot to clarify that my source of studying content was all HURST. I think the material is great and easy to understand. I just don't like their practice exams so that's why I used Kaplan
  12. kimmy20


    I had a very similar experience as yours! I failed my first exam at 265 questions with a ton of SATA. I took my second exam about a month ago and got 265 again! But this time I had only about 14 SATA from what I remember. Also..my last question was a knowledge based question too...it was something about cast care. I thought for sure I failed based off those but to my surprise I received my official results in the mail with PASS. Honestly, it was the greatest feeling ever and I felt like my hard work finally paid off. I think more people need to understand that the test is different for everyone and not to believe everything they hear and see because it can really stress you out during the test like me! Congrats! :)
  13. kimmy20

    Review materials

    LaCharity PDA is a great resource! It's highly praised here in the forum and it helped me personally :) good luck!
  14. kimmy20

    NCLEX-RN Which books to use?

    LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment book is highly praised here and personally very helpful for me!
  15. kimmy20

    Debunking the SATA Myth.

    My experience is similar to yours! Except I went up to 265 questions with only about 14 SATA from what I remember. I had a ton of priority questions and I agree with you that they were a lot harder than what I practiced. So glad it's over for the both of us and congrats! :)
  16. kimmy20

    anything you can offer

    Sorry to hear that wttw. I too, was a retaker. Based off your CPR, if you have more than one below passing maybe you should review content again. It seems like you had a lot of resources you were using previously. I know there is no such thing as "too much studying" but I know for many people including myself sticking to only a few works best for us. Having too much can throw us off or make us confused. The first time I only used Kaplan review but didn't look at content and only focused on the qtrainers and qbank. I failed at 265 questions. I figured what I lacked was content because during the first exam attempt I was stuck on almost everything and didn't recognize any of the diseases and conditions. Second time I used Hurst for content and renewed my Kaplan for questions along with LaChairty PDA. This three combo worked for me the best. When I took my exam the second time I was actually able to recognize all the disease and conditions that were thrown at me unlike the first time. From knowing content I was able to eliminate what is wrong in the question. A large part of that is because of Hurst. I see that you have used Hurst so my question is how often did you study that material? Or any other resource material? Sometime we skim through these without really actually understanding the content and material. Take your time to try to understand the material. I took about 3 weeks studying content because I'm kind of slow at grasping concepts. Only thing I didn't like about Hurst is their Q-reviews, which I felt weren't challenging enough. I think Kaplan offers good practice questions because they throw in higher-level questions too. Hurst did help me improve my Kaplan scores. I went from getting 48-56% on qtrainers to 62-75% on them. I know everyone has a different opinion and approach on tackling the NCLEX but I am a believer that you need a solid foundation for content. Having that has helped me pass. Hope this helps you! Have a happy thanksgiving and good luck to you in the future :) you can do it!

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