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    New Grad RN: Lost and Hating My First Job. NEED Advice?

    Please in the Future never give the narcotics keys to no one. Not even the ADN or Doctors until you sign out. I know of people who lost their job because of that. Please TRUST NO ONE WITH THE NORCOTIC KEYS,because you really don't know people. In addition, being a new nurse there they consider you don't have much to loose. STAY FOCUS!
  2. RNfindingherway

    New Grad RN: Lost and Hating My First Job. NEED Advice?

  3. RNfindingherway

    Feeling discouraged

    Run! Grab your License and RUN as fas as you can.
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    Thank you for responding.
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    Thank you for responding.
  6. RNfindingherway

    Wise One Liners

    You play with puppy, puppy lick your mouth. Don't trouble, trouble won't trouble you!
  7. RNfindingherway

    Wise One Liners

    You make your bed, you lay in it!
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    Thank you JKL33.
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    They was very happy to receive it. The ADN was touched and told me how thoughtful of me. My Head Nurse apologized to me about how she treated me. Her mouth literally drop open when I presented the gift to her.
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    I also got gifts from the Residents. One of them said, time for her to go home now because I am not here any more. All the kind words from the Residents reminded me of why I became a nurse.
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    Hello Everyone. I am seeking clarification of what is an Accountable Care Manager and what the job entails? Any ACM here care to explain. Thanks.
  12. RNfindingherway


    UPDATE! Hello Everyone. The staff gave me a surprise party yesterday. I was floated to another floor and they call me and told me to come to the floor. I went and everyone was there to surprise me including a nurse who only work on weekends. They thank me and expressed appreciation to me. I gave them chocolate as gifts. I gave to every floor (5) including my supervisors and thank them. Thank you everyone for your input, it was highly appreciated.
  13. RNfindingherway

    So Frustrated I want to quit nursing altogether

    MOVE ON!
  14. RNfindingherway

    Already feel like giving up

    BE YOURSELF! You will soon land a job. Keep persevering and don't give up. It is hard out here for some new grads. You will make it.
  15. RNfindingherway

    What job to take

    Unique RN, do what set your heart on fire. If you like home care do it. You still making a difference in your patient's and their family lives. Sometimes we think if we are not working in a hospital we are not nurses and not making a difference. I am fairly new nurse also and I understand the anxiety and fear going to work knowing that it will be understaffed and you have to be Charge Nurse and Medications Nurse to 15+ Residents. You are being pull here and there by everyone. No help from administration, Anxiety skyrocketing, you can't wait for the shift to end ect. I have a friend you can't get her to work in a hospital or nursing home setting. She only do home care nursing. She love it. Hope you can get more feedback from more experience nurses on here. I hope this helps.
  16. RNfindingherway

    Most Burned Out Nursing Specialties?

    Very true about LTC. I am in LTC specialty for almost a year and I am burnout. Can't wait to move on.