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    Thank you JKL33.
  2. RNfindingherway


    They was very happy to receive it. The ADN was touched and told me how thoughtful of me. My Head Nurse apologized to me about how she treated me. Her mouth literally drop open when I presented the gift to her.
  3. RNfindingherway


    I also got gifts from the Residents. One of them said, time for her to go home now because I am not here any more. All the kind words from the Residents reminded me of why I became a nurse.
  4. RNfindingherway


    Hello Everyone. I am seeking clarification of what is an Accountable Care Manager and what the job entails? Any ACM here care to explain. Thanks.
  5. RNfindingherway


    UPDATE! Hello Everyone. The staff gave me a surprise party yesterday. I was floated to another floor and they call me and told me to come to the floor. I went and everyone was there to surprise me including a nurse who only work on weekends. They thank me and expressed appreciation to me. I gave them chocolate as gifts. I gave to every floor (5) including my supervisors and thank them. Thank you everyone for your input, it was highly appreciated.
  6. RNfindingherway

    So Frustrated I want to quit nursing altogether

    MOVE ON!
  7. RNfindingherway

    Should I accept this offer?

    Wonderful! Congratulations. You will do great.
  8. RNfindingherway

    5 yr Nurse Burnout

    I am one year in and felt like that. Every day my husband hear me complain about how i dislike the culture on my floor. Very petty nurses who always criticizing the new nurses. That's why I got another job. Maybe time for you to take a vacation or dust of your resume. Hugs.
  9. My goodness I know exactly how you feel and I know it hurts deep down. All I can say is encourage yourself and hold on to your faith. I know what's like when you ask for feedback and help all to be criticized. I know how it feels when you have so much responsibilities and don't quite understand the ins and outs of the job description. My Dear, you will make it. The floor seems like a toxic environment and once it it the culture of the floor, you will always be picked on. You will continue to feel inadequate because of all the criticism. If you don't feel it is a right fit for you, start applying for another job. Please don't give up on nursing. Hugs to you.
  10. RNfindingherway


    I got that. Thank you for your response. Now I know it is not necessary.
  11. RNfindingherway


    Thank you for your response. I was not sure if I had to give something or not.
  12. RNfindingherway


    Thank you for your response. I was just wondering if I needed to do anything. Thank you.
  13. RNfindingherway


    Hello everyone, soon I will be starting my new job in two weeks. Do I have to give gifts to my old co-workers and Managers/ADN's, as I was the Charge Nurse? What gifts can I give to them? My husband thinke I should just give them a thank you card and move on. What do you think? Thanks.
  14. RNfindingherway

    Did my Interview go well? Or don’t count on a call?

    Sorry you didn't get the position. However, apply if you want too but don't let recruiters play you like a fiddle. Please search elsewhere also and hope for the best. You will get a job soon when the time is right.
  15. RNfindingherway

    Did I make the right choice?

    It been a rude awakening for me but I am ok. When people treat you a certain way let goodness overflow from you. Now big hugs she gives me and told me she is having a hard time that I am leaving. Begging me not to go. I an a team player, therefore all will be well wherever I go. You will be ok too, just go with your heart.