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  1. Advice needed re: RN Career

    I started working as an RN supervisor in the SNF ive been working for a long time (as an LVN) What happened is i got this other county job offer as an LVN then process took a while, after a month i took the RN Nclex & passed. I am responsible of...
  2. NCLEX RN Advice

    Congratulations on passing the NCLEX RN! Did you say Kaplan has Qtrainer 8 now? I recently passed the nclex too in Dec. 2015 & qtrainer is up to 7th only. What's the qtrainer 8 like? 250questions too im assuming.. Thanks!
  3. 99.9% sure I failed

  4. PVT ;)

    And also BRN will not give you ATT without transcripts.

    Our school used Kaplan.. Though i still have access to qbank & Qtrainers, i dont think i can access the predictor test. Some school uses ATI.
  6. I passed NCLEX with 265 questions!!!

  7. Advice needed re: RN Career

    Thank you RoseQueen. I'll be very cautious. I'll give this a chance for maybe 6months but less than a year.
  8. ALL I NEED IS A 45

    Yeah 45 is really low. Some community colleges requires 65+ and other schools 75+. The higher the better chance of getting in. Goodluck to you anyway!
  9. Advice needed re: RN Career

    Hi everyone! Im a new RN recently passed the CA NCLEX this December [emoji56]. Before that I've been working as an LVN in SNF, health fairs, biometric & flu clinics for 8 years. Yup it took me that long to first pay off my LVN student loan before...
  10. UWORLD for NCLEX

    Good for you. I can't do more than 3 75qs in a day:) i did like 250q on kaplan Qtrainer one time but it was like an hour after i woke up, coffee, lil bit of exercise then i sat to do a 250qs. Mentally exhausting yup. I alternated Kaplan, Saunders &a...
  11. UWORLD for NCLEX

    I'll say about the same. There are questions that are almost similar to the NCLEX [emoji5]️. I used it for about a month. I finished about 75% of the Qbank.
  12. Recent Unitek RN Grads/Current Attendees

    Its not that bad but not the best choice either. As Ive told everyone who asked me, try other school 1st. I did my LVN there too (like 7yrs ago) Unitek was my last option & it worked out for me. I graduated & passed the NCLEX RN. Now its time...
  13. UWORLD for NCLEX

    I had 83. My first was SATA about constipation [emoji23] then they repeated like several questions similar to it. People are saying you must have chosen wrong answer and that's why they keep on repeating or giving you similar topic. I got questions a...
  14. California Nclex RN results

  15. Passed NCLEX-RN 265 questions (2015)

    We don't have quick results in California. I took mine on Dec. 16 & my license got posted after 3 days. I didn't do PV trick. I was ready to wait for days & weeks. [emoji137]🏽 Goodluck to you.