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  1. IVStat77

    BRN Survey Response (New grads unhirable)

    Now I'm getting scared too. Im waiting for my Att & recently graduated the LVN to RN ADN program. I never stopped working as an LVN(8 years) even while in school. Worked in SNF, Wound care, & now Flu clinic LVN in Kaiser. Im not sure if i wil...
  2. Thank for the encouraging words. Congratulations!🎉 Im also waiting for my ATT & I'm using Saunders, Kaplan & Uworld.
  3. IVStat77

    Has anyone passed Nclex specifically using Uworld?

  4. Absolutely🌟
  5. IVStat77

    Interview at Kaiser for New Grad LVN

    This is Kaiser SF Bay Area Cheers 💊💉
  6. IVStat77

    Interview at Kaiser for New Grad LVN

    Not sure if your question was answered but i got recently hired for Temporary Flu Clinic LVN position & with almost 8yrs LVN experience they are giving $35.48/hr. Direct recruitment. Im not sure how much is the full time LVN rate. Cheers ðŸ...
  7. IVStat77

    San Francisco salary as lvn

    New grad: SNF - $25 to 28/hr Assisted living little less $22-24 Clinics -$28/hr *2yrs+ experience $29-32 Cheers 💊💉
  8. That is true. I have almost 8 years LVN SNF experience and when I did my RN clinical i saw myself working in Psych and Med Surg as well ( but not OB/Peds) Paper test will not really determine that you will like working in that particular area. C...
  9. IVStat77

    Recent Unitek RN Grads/Current Attendees

    Pre reqs classes taken @ Unitek College will only be accepted in Unitek. Better to take your pre reqs in community college that way you will have options later on. I just recently graduated LVN to RN program & reviewing for NCLEX (while waiting f...
  10. You're lucky to be able to go to community college. I tried, but I can't wait for another year, my prereqs will expire soon. I ended up going to private. It is not easy (i read posts that say private institutions only cares for the money--they are m...
  11. I did my LVN 7 yrs ago @ a private college here in Sf Bayarea $27k (student loan & paid). End of this month I'll be done with my LVN to RN program (same private college -$47k) Will i pursue ADN to Bsn or Msn? Yes!😆 once i pass Nclex & find...
  12. IVStat77

    CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    Congratulations! Cheers 💊💉
  13. Congratulations! Cheers 💊💉
  14. IVStat77

    NCLEX-RN Repeat test takers (2014)

    Congratulations!:) Cheers 💊💉
  15. IVStat77

    I'm an Rn

    Congratulations! Cheers 💊💉
  16. IVStat77

    took nclex-rn....

    Best of luck👍 Cheers 💊💉