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Hi everyone! Im a new RN recently passed the CA NCLEX this December [emoji56]. Before that I've been working as an LVN in SNF, health fairs, biometric & flu clinics for 8 years. Yup it took me that long to first pay off my LVN student loan before doing my LVN to RN.

Before i took my NCLEX i got a job offer as part time LVN in a County Pediatrics Clinic coz I wasn't sure if i will pass or not, i took it. The hiring manager asked me if I'll quit right away if i pass NCLEX i said ill stay for about a year as I also want to work & experience Pediatrics.

Im gonna start working there in Mid January but i also started looking for an RN job like weekend or something.

Am i on the right path here?

The county job pay as LVN is lil bit less than what i get in SNF. But I'm willing to sacrifice for now just to gain experience & then be more confident to work in acute setting later on as an RN.

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The biggest caution I have is the fact that you will be working in a position that is less than your highest level of licensure. What the BON expects you to do may be different from the scope of your job because the BON will hold you to the RN licensure no matter what position you hold. Probably a rare occurrence, but there may be a time you have to decide between following your job description or doing what someone with an RN license would be expected to do.


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Thank you RoseQueen. I'll be very cautious. I'll give this a chance for maybe 6months but less than a year.


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To be quite honest, I would quit the LVN position and look for a new grad program. Or at least look for a new grad program while working as an LVN. You are an RN. I know you told your manager you'd stay, but honestly, you have to think of yourself. How will you explain in future interviews that you decided to stay in an LVN position after you had passed your NCLEX?


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Hi! I'm in the same boat as you! I posted for the same advice, crazy! I'll guess i'll read your posts for advice as well! Good luck and congrats!


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I started working as an RN supervisor in the SNF ive been working for a long time (as an LVN)

What happened is i got this other county job offer as an LVN then process took a while, after a month i took the RN Nclex & passed. I am responsible of course I'll give it few months then look for transfer options within the same company.