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NCLEX "OCTOBER 13, 2015 Pearson Vue trick.Good popup vs Bad


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PLEASE confine posts to the subject of the thread and

REFRAIN from personal attacks, name-calling etc.

ONLY POST what you would say in front of a group of PROFESSIONALS.

Thank you.

ONLY POST what you would say in front of a group of PROFESSIONALS.

Excellent advice that I hope is followed :)

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She's talking about you calling names:no:

To those who believe that someone who has recently "tried the trick" is more of an 'expert', if you will, than those who have followed the course of NCLEX changes and Pearson Vue changes over the last ten years, I'd have to say that would be an incorrect assumption.

Over the last ten years, people here have been able to query what they did, how they did it, and the results obtained. NEW people who have only posted a few times and have not read more than a handful of threads on the topic going back no more than a few pages could, indeed, feel that they have enough knowledge to properly direct those who are less informed. Alas, the ones who are themselves ill-informed sometimes do perpetuate myths and rumors and gossip that only serve to hurt the greater good.

For those who are willing to listen, you should know that what is known as the PVT has, more often then not, served as a good guess on how a candidate did on the test (pass or fail). HOWEVER, those of us following this saga for the last 14 months since Pearson Vue last updated its registration software....and the last six months in particular.....know that the reliability has fallen further and further from what it once was.

There was a time when someone getting "the good pop up" hardly ever had the misfortune of getting a "failed" letter in the mail. It wasn't 100%, but it was a pretty good bet! Very recently, however, it's anything BUT a safe bet. NOW....the only way to play the game is to enter a valid credit card and see what happens. Test charges are made by PV from time to time; it's random. People HAVE BEEN CHARGED $200 only to find out that they passed (and the money is non-refundable). Those who feel they outsmarted the system by using a card without a balance of funds available are subject to the same "card declined" message that would indicate a charge was attempted, but failed to go through. Yep, they saved the non-refundable fee (yay!) but unfortunately now have no clue if they failed (and that's why the charge attempt was made) or if they passed (and they are now waiting...hysterical ...with nowhere to go but crazy).

Remember it's a game, a guessing game Magic 8-Ball style. And put no more faith in it than that :)

She's talking about you calling names:no:

I called no one any names...not one. I described YOU as rude, which is true. Doesn't make it "name calling", it makes it an appropriate adjective.

Carry on if you must, but this has grown tiresome. I think I'll be enacting the "ignore member" feature available on this site :)


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