NCLEX Prep Course -- can you make it without them?


Well let me start my thread on a happy note.

I did it. I graduated. I even graduated top of my class. And I feel pretty good. Especially since I had to work full time during school and I am a single mama. (Thank God for miracles that helped me through)

Now it will be time for NCLEX very soon.

I don't think I will be able to afford the Kaplan review. All the money I saved had to go to emergencies.

I don't believe I will be staying in the area so the likelihood of getting a hospital to pay for the NCLEX prep course is less likely.

Act of the desperate.....I have signed up to every stupid website offering the chance of winning the Kaplan review.

Barring a miracle....and I hope that there will be a miracle....

I don't think I will be getting a review.

So my question is this......

Can it be done without the review? If I put my nose to the grindstone, do my saunders book religiously, study it possible that I can pass?

Is there anyone out there who has done it without the benefit of a NCLEX review of some type?

Can it be done?

I am so nervous and so scared. But I keep thinking I made it this far.....can I make it to the finish line on myself alone? :uhoh21:

I think if it can be done....I will do it. I just need to know that it can or has been.

Thank you so much.:mad:

la bellota, BSN, RN

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Ok. I wrote and article....maybe that can help. hope hope hope.


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It absolutely can be done! I graduated last May and did NOT take a review course. Everyone thought I was crazy for not paying over $500 for Kaplan. I figured, heck, I just finished at the top of my nursing school class, why should I have to shell out more money...shouldn't nursing school be enough? Well, I passed with 75 questions and now have the job of my dreams. Other students who took the class failed. Take it for what it is. You can do it!

If you feel like you need to review, borrow books from the library, do lots of free test questions online and see if your school is offering anything free for their students.

la bellota, BSN, RN

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that is so good to hear. i am hoping for the best! thank you so much!:heartbeat


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I just passed the NCLEX yesterday (4/23) and I never went to a review course. I bought the Kaplan strategy book (~ $30) and I studied from Saunders, mostly. I couldn't afford the Kaplan complete review, but I still passed. :)

la bellota, BSN, RN

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Oh Mave.....that is good to hear. I am feeling better and better about it.

I know it is no comparison but back in the day.....(dinosaur time probably)...when I was in high school....I couldn't afford the SAT prep either....and I did very I am thinking it may not be ideal....but it is doable.

Thank you so much. (I like your quote by the way...)

HM2VikingRN, RN

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i passed without a review course.

buy the saunders prep manual. (or borrow a new edition from the library)

do the diagnostic quizzes at the end of each chapter before reading the chapter. focus on the areas where you score less than 80% correct on the quiz.

write down rationales for the questions missed...

do the alternate format questions.....

follow suzanne 4s plan. its free and will help you get off on the right foot for preparing for nclex.

la bellota, BSN, RN

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Thank you Viking....

I did a little searching and I found the if anyone comes here and is looking for Suzanne's Thread:

Basically the first tip is as Viking says but I really recommend reading the whole thing.

I am figuring I have to wait for the board to receive my transcripts so no time like the present. If this is to be done it must start now.

Thanks Viking and Suzanne. I hope you don't mind me point the way with the link here.:redbeathe

I am in the same boat, no money for Kaplan. I am going to try Suzanne's plan. Good Luck to all upcoming NCLEX takers!!

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I passed with 75 questions and no prep course. Just practice at home using the disks you have. borrow some from friends too. You can do it. I personally thing those courses feed off your anxieties. I think the key to Nclex is not panicking!! You made it through school something to be very proud of. The information is all there you just need to relax enough to retrieve it.

Do as many practice questions as you can humanly get in and when you sit down for Nclex know you gave it your absolute all--no regrets-best shot. You can do it!!!!

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I didn't take one for my LPN and I'm not taking one for my RN NCLEX...unless I flunk it, lol. It doesn't worry me. I test good and will be prepared. "The powers that be" have many of my fellow students terrified of attempting it without a review course and fortunately most are getting reimbursed by their new employers but for me personally I just don't think its necessary.

Best wishes!

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