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NCLEX-PN: 85 questions AND failed!

by ikilledsourpus ikilledsourpus (New) New

I don't understand how this happened. I thought my test was easy as pie. My computer shut off at 85 questions. I paid for my quick results service just now and my status is listed as "failed". I just don't understand this. I don't know what to do. I just can't believe it. Can this possibly be an error?

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I am sorry to hear this. I can only assume that the quickview results are true. I think that I remember hearing if a person fails, a grid of some sort is sent that shows the weak areas. I suggest you review it thoroughly to create a new study plan. Take a bit of time for yourself, do something to spoil yourself like go out to dinner, take a floral bath and give yourself a few days to absorb this. There are plenty that have failed and rebounded, so there is no reason why you can't be one of them the next go-a-round.

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I am so sorry to hear that you have not passed! Don't be discouraged at all I have taken my test 4 times now, and I still haven't passed yet! I am now lookin into takin a review course because I believe that is the only thing that is goin to help me at this point. It is pretty expensive but if they will show me the stratigies that I will need in order to pass then that is fine with me and it is well worth the money. So please don't give up this is a learning experience for us all, some have it easier than others. Like I said I have taken it 4 times with each time my result s are better. I am studyin my behind off and praying that this will be my last time taking it. I was an A student in nursing school also so I thought I would pass the test with flying colors! Boy was I wrong about that all the way. I will never go in the testing center again all cocky like a miss know it all because the results will surprize you every time. My uncle is now a doctor and he didn't pass his first time around either thinkin he knew it all. Just keep your head up ok. I saw the other day that this lady has been out of school since 96 and she couldn't pass her test until March of 09! So there is hope and we are not alone. Just think about the end result when we do finally pass.But you willreceive a packet of where you rweak points and strong points were but you will not get anything stating what perticular questions you got wrong or write. And it also has places that you can call for a review if you think that you need it. Stat saunder's books though they are like the actual test.

Good luck and keep us posted

omg!!! I am so nurvous now. I took my test yesterday and I got 85 questions as well. I don't think I did that good. But, bc I only got 85 , I though I was gonna be all right..... fingers crossed now.

Im sorry this has happened to you. My results should be in with in the next couple of hours or so. I am so nervous because I too didnt think it was super hard(even though i didnt know everything, the questions seemd very basic kind of) and my test shut off at 85?'s. I am so nervous, I am hoping and praying and makng deals with god, that if i pass my test i will "X".......ughhhh. I really need to pass this. Where I am from if you fail you have to wait 3months to reregister and then go thru the whole process of waiting for your ATT and then getting a date- I need to pass! I need a job! ANd i need everyones wellwishes and prayers! Wish me luck! And hopefully you dont have to wait inbetween reregistering, and can just kick but on your second time around!

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The easier the test goes...means you are failing. The harder it goes means you are PASSING. So the test is not that basic. The NCLEX-PN is really hard. I have test twice and failed twice. Thought i was doing great since the questions is getting easier..nope..didnt know im failing it...so Good luck to you...BTW..both of my test stopped at 85.

Hey Pagadenva2000, just wondering about how you've been and if you've gotten the opportunity to retest. How did it go? All the best to you.:wink2:

Hey guys, I just took my nclex-pn for the first time today and I know I'll sound repetetive, but my computer shut off at 85 questions. I'm really impressed with all of those people who have had the capability of actually remembering how many questions of this they got, and how many questions of that they got. I can only remember that I got 4 math questions and that all of them were very similar to each other. They didn't seem hard to me and I think I got them right, but I can't stop wondering why they would not make them different, and if getting the same type of math question 4 times means I kept getting it wrong. I got a lot of SATA. I took the test in California, so I have to wait out this pain for 1 month, and as the minutes go by I only feel worse and worse. I have a mental blurr when trying to recall the questions I was asked, and can only remember some that I know I got wrong. I cannot remember if they were overall hard or if they were overall easy. I'm just in a state of neutrality right now and it doesn't feel good. On the SATA type questions I could easily find options that to me seemed were clearly correct, however, I know how that goes. I might have answered three options correctly, but if I missed a fourth one that should have been picked as well I'm not getting any credid on that. The similarity between the math questions is really bothering me now, has anybody gone through this? Good luck to all of you

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Hey Pagadenva2000, just wondering about how you've been and if you've gotten the opportunity to retest. How did it go? All the best to you.:wink2:

I wasn't the original poster and I had taken and passed NCLEX-PN first time around 5/06.

I take my nclex-pn last sept 25, and did not passed i stop at 110 i thought the questions on me was pretty much i know but alot of meds that i've never really heard of or familiar. i am very frustrated and helpless i do not know how to start studying now, it is kinda hard for me since i have a toddler. why stateboard make it hard on nurses? hehe while we are doing our best. clean our patient, change there adult brief neatly, beadbath them with out any harsh. im going crazy here. it cost so much money to reregister again for the exam which its another $275 again. OMG help here. i study 8 to 9 hrs a day i did ATI, SAUNDERS, NCSBN, nclexpn reviewer.

Any advice?

Thankyou everyone for sharing your thoughts here.

Took mine sept 10 '09 & got the result early october..shuts off @ 85 question also. Don't over study do 100-200 questions daily if you can, on a bad day would try 2 do 50 questions. Honestly none of what i studied came up on my test, but the important thing is learning the strategy 2 answer nclex questions (Prioritization, ABC, etc.), read em thoroughly and do process of elimination. 3-4 days till exam day put those books & cds away and relax.

Best of lucks 2 every1


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Wish you all the best!!

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wilma - please do not be offended, but is english your first language? could part of the reason why you didn't pass be language skill?

I am indeed sorry to hear that. My test stopped at 85 as well and I just knew I failed and I passed thank god. I took a great nclex review class a month before and reviewed the notes I took from the class as well as went over all the norms so I would recognize the ab-normals. I reviewed all the formulas I learned and when I went in that was the first thing I did before I started my exam wrote down my formulas. The night before I did not do a thing I relaxed and prayed and got plenty of rest. I woke up early that morning ate a great breakfast. I went to my fav spot to relax and fed the ducks and went to the exam with not one care in the world. When I left my armpits was soaked and I was trembling. The thing is relax you know it you wouldn't have gotten through nursing school if you didn't know something. As well as pray good luck and god bless. You can do it I took my nclex exam 9/16/09 I will never forget.

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