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  1. pyt8571

    lost nclex lvn retake application

    o ok thanks so much for clearing that up because I have been wondering about that for a long time now.
  2. pyt8571

    lost nclex lvn retake application

    What is the difference between an lpn and an lvn I was always wondering and never knew. Is one a higher rank that the other?
  3. pyt8571

    NCLEX-PN: 85 questions AND failed!

    I am so sorry to hear that you have not passed! Don't be discouraged at all I have taken my test 4 times now, and I still haven't passed yet! I am now lookin into takin a review course because I believe that is the only thing that is goin to help me at this point. It is pretty expensive but if they will show me the stratigies that I will need in order to pass then that is fine with me and it is well worth the money. So please don't give up this is a learning experience for us all, some have it easier than others. Like I said I have taken it 4 times with each time my result s are better. I am studyin my behind off and praying that this will be my last time taking it. I was an A student in nursing school also so I thought I would pass the test with flying colors! Boy was I wrong about that all the way. I will never go in the testing center again all cocky like a miss know it all because the results will surprize you every time. My uncle is now a doctor and he didn't pass his first time around either thinkin he knew it all. Just keep your head up ok. I saw the other day that this lady has been out of school since 96 and she couldn't pass her test until March of 09! So there is hope and we are not alone. Just think about the end result when we do finally pass.But you willreceive a packet of where you rweak points and strong points were but you will not get anything stating what perticular questions you got wrong or write. And it also has places that you can call for a review if you think that you need it. Stat saunder's books though they are like the actual test. Good luck and keep us posted
  4. pyt8571

    Has any current LPN failed the NCLEX-PN after...

    Has anyone taken any review courses in Ny if so were they any good? I have two that I am considerin takin but I am unsure of which 1 I should commit to. I have taken my boards numerous times and can't seem to pass, so that is how I came to the conclusion that I need a very good review class. I really need anyone's help if you can. Thanks so much your nursing friend
  5. pyt8571

    2008 nclex pass rates

    Has anyone taken any review courses in NY? I am interested in taking the Ready to Pass or the ilanna nursing review but I am not sure which one is the better review to take and I do not want to be kicking myself in the behind for making a mistake and choosing the wrong one, after all the are both nearly 500.00! And I do not have that kinda money to be wasting. So if anyone has any info or knows anyone that has taken either one please respond Thanks so much
  6. pyt8571

    $100,000 in student loan debt?

    Wow that is alot of money to be in debt with, but in these times I can believe it though. I just have a question for all who view this board, does anyone know of these 2 nursing review courses in NY called The Ilanna Nursing Review, and Ready To Pass? I am considering taking a review course but I want to make sure that I make the RIGHT decision, after all they are both almost like 500.00! And I do not want to be wasting my time or my money choosing the wrong one, because I definitly do not have money like that. So if anyone knows personally or if anyone has heard of either one of these reviews whether it be good or bad please leave me a message or contact me. Thanks so much