NCLEX next thursday march 6th

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Good luck and God bless to all of you guys! :)


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May God go with each of you taking your exams!!!

Lola Lou, BSN

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Think positive thoughts and envision yourself kicking that test's butt. If you find yourself starting to feel panicked or overwhelmed while taking the test close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and refocus. If you come upon a questions that you honestly have no idea about rely on your test taking strategies...they really do work. Good luck!


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I got the good pop up !(praying to pass now)


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Sooo happy for you...

Do u mind to share ur study plan....


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Congrats Browneyes. You will get a good official result and a good job too... any last minute tips for the rest of us?


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Jamisarus. Good luck to you. try to take a break by Sunday... get good night sleep


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good luck to you! stay positive! ill keep you in my prayers...


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I passed!! God bless you all for your positive thoughts and prayers!


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Got the good pop up. Thank you very much y'all

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Congratulations everyone!!!! That's great!!!! :D


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Congrats nclex75...

i got good pop up too....

I am soo happy.....

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