NCLEX next thursday march 6th

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Y'all I've been preparing. Keep me in your prayers. My exam is next Thursday ....hopefully I can write a testimonial next week after passing


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Good luck!! I just registered for Monday the 3rd. Eek.


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Good luck to you also!


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I take the NCLEX tomorrow.


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Browneyes all the best. You can do it!! Let us know when you get the good pop up


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Thank you! No matter the result is, I will come here to share my experience.


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Me too...set for March 6 next Thursday....been doing question after question... I use ncsbn for question...

please pray for me too...Iam nervous badly...some days I feel like want to cry....hope what Iam doing is enough to pass next Thursday...

good luck for all of us...

That's how I feel ac2meang. I take mine on the 10th and I am literally making myself sick with these nerves


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Hey Nclex75,,

All the best for your exam.. i will pray for you, so you pass this exam.

good luck,

All the best to each one of you taking the NCLEX soon. Everyday I pray for everyone taking the exam on that specific day. I will be taking my NCLEX exam soon too. So keep me in your prayers also. Stay Positive!

Browneyes, you will be in my thoughts and prayers all day tomorrow. All the best to you and stay positive. God will see you through the NCLEX tomorrow. You will pass.


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Good luck to you all and remember to stay calm and don't stress..............remember you got this!!

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