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jamisaurus has 1 years experience and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. jamisaurus

    OK to piggyback IV potassium?

    In the ICU, we give 20 mEq over 1 hr diluted in NS. So a 40 mEq k rider goes in over 2 hrs, never faster. Agreed with above poster, dangerous!
  2. jamisaurus

    honeymoon during orientation

    If you know the managers already, like you work as a PCA, they would probably be lenient. Or you could push back your start date to after the honeymoon. I was in the same situation as you, we got married last June and I'm just now taking my "latermoon" (what we called it) on Saturday!
  3. jamisaurus

    Associates first or BSN?

    The associates degree in non-nursing is a waste of time. Cut your losses now and start a BSN program, you need a BSN for a MSN.
  4. jamisaurus

    Peceptorship in Heart cath lab

    It's very difficult to get a job in the cath lab, at least in my location. Everyone wants their schedule! Ours requires 1+ years of ICU experience, or 2+ years of med/surg. In my opinion, it's very specialized and you won't get the chance to expand your skills, critical thinking, time management as an independent student. Since you likely won't be working here has a new grad, you'll lose valuable opportunities to practice these things. I would do something more generalized, like ICU or med/surg if cath lab is your end goal. Again, this is my location. It may be different in other regions.
  5. jamisaurus

    Shorter length scrub tops

    I only wear Greys Anatomy tops. I've come to accept that it's the only fit for short, busty gals like me. 😩
  6. jamisaurus

    Apple IWatch and nursing

    I also have the cheapest model. Many people I work with have the watch. If I'm getting down and dirty, I tuck my gloves around it and double glove so its projected. I also like setting alarms for lab redraws, restarting tube feeding, etc. washing hands and it getting wet is a non issue, it's resilient!
  7. Talk about setting yourself up for failure as a new grad!
  8. jamisaurus

    Apply to ASBN or MSN program

    Do you want to become an NP? you can apply for direct entry MSN programs but in my area these grads have a hard time getting hired. They don't want to hire an NP who has never cared for a patient as an RN! I have a similar undergrad story as you. (Biology/pre med) I did a 13 month accelerated BSN. I currently work in an ICU. it all depends on what your long term goals are! So very sorry to hear of your loss.
  9. jamisaurus

    What is the easiest CRRT machine to use

    We have PrismaFlex. It's amazing and pretty much runs itself once set up.
  10. jamisaurus

    In need of some pearls of wisdom

    You will learn more as your program progresses. A lot of nursing school is assessments and helping clean up patients. Incontinence also depends on which area you are in. You will learn the most when you start working, but bedside nursing involves cleaning up your patients. For now, look in depth at your patients charts, meds, labs, why they're there.
  11. jamisaurus

    Mount Carmel SDAP Spring 2016

    I was #8 on wait list. Got accepted in November. Classes started in Jan.
  12. I got critical care nurse, and what do ya know that's where I work 😎
  13. jamisaurus

    Adenosine administration

    Honestly, in my opinion the MD treated you poorly. He was unprofessional and rude. It was something you weren't comfortable with, and he was disrespectful. However, this means he's used to other nurses pushing it without him there. I would have pushed it and I have without a physician present with order of course (I do have ACLS). He was right around the corner if the patient didn't tolerate it, and so was your physician. In my facility ACLS nurses can push it. I would investigate your policy, it might clear some things up for both you AND him.
  14. jamisaurus

    New-ish grad interested in travel nursing!

    At least 2 years usually. You'll get only a few days of training/orientation to the new facility and then you'll jump right in taking patients. You need to be a confident expert, and that only comes with time and experience.
  15. jamisaurus

    Considering a new job

    Well you wouldn't even be considered until you have 1-2 years experience, and you only have 6 months experience. Wait.
  16. jamisaurus

    What is your dream unit?

    The best is when you're putting one in during a code and the drill stops working and just spins and spins slowly into the bone... I almost gagged. Poor patient.