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  1. Lisalis

    Frustrated New Grad

    Don't be discouraged. I graduated in May, took my boards in December and got my first job offer on Wednesday. Keep applying and pressing on. I have applied to many positions myself even the ones that required experience. Once you find the job that you're compassionate about, you will not regret obtaining your degree.
  2. Lisalis

    do any NPs wish they did something else

    I took the FNP route. My only regret is that I wish I had done it sooner. I am a new graduate looking for a job but am exciting about the opportunity!!!
  3. Lisalis

    NP being used as an RN

    Providing care under both roles will become confusing. You were hired as a nurse practitioner and that should be your role. Additionally, your scope of practice is that of a NP.
  4. Lisalis

    Family Nurse Practitioner Program

    Am sorry for the late response. Yes, I love the program. Will be graduating in May. Did you get accepted into the program?
  5. Lisalis

    Indiana State University online FNP program

    Hello, I guess we are both in the program together. We started at the same time. I agree its a lot but its doable. Yes, I agree that you need to find preceptors as soon as possible.
  6. Lisalis

    Indiana State University FNP

    I am currently in my second semester at ISU. The program is intense but doable. Cons as many programs is finding your own preceptor. Tons of reading. But like I mentioned before its doable.
  7. Lisalis

    Finding a job in NE area as an AA

    First I want to congratulate you on your achievement. That is a great accomplishment. I am so sorry for your experiences but unfortunately race still is and will always be a determining factor in America. You should humbly accept the pediatric np position. You may enjoy that specialty.
  8. Lisalis

    Indiana State University FNP Admits?

    Cpronzato I sent you a private message.
  9. Lisalis

    Indiana State University FNP Admits?

    Hi. I came on the site Friday looking to meet fellow class mates.
  10. Lisalis

    South University FNP Online in Georgia

    motivatedlpn, You need to find a good support system to get you through the program. I am currently residing in Georgia and starting a online FNP program in August. Don't be discouraged you will get through it. Find a good support system, keep out with your readings and assignments and find your preceptors early.
  11. Lisalis

    Indiana State University

    mollysdream I think you have to be a nurse for at least one year or more before you can apply, but ask someone at the school.
  12. Lisalis

    Family Nurse Practitioner Program

    rosannache, I sent you a private message!
  13. Lisalis

    Family Nurse Practitioner Program

    Congratulations. I think we are all a little nervous but excited. We will be ok. We have all worked hard to get to this point and are about to take on a new pathway. I am confident that we will succeed as long as we continue to work hard and stay focus.
  14. Lisalis

    Passed ANCC FNP Exam

  15. Lisalis

    I Passed ANCC FNP today!!!

    Congratulations to you!
  16. Lisalis

    Online FNP.. How long? How much?

    Indiana State University FNP 30K 2.5 years