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Lola Lou has 9 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Med-Surg, Precepting, Education.

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  1. 2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Congratulations to all who have received award confirmations so far. Have any RNs received awards yet? Looks to me like they're still just working through NPs at this point. I'm hoping that this is the case since I am still waiting for a status chan...
  2. 2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    There should be a place in the applicant portal to ask this question. I would be up front with your income information. I'm sure it wouldn't look like you lied as long as you updated the information accordingly. Whether this disqualified you or not I...
  3. Nursing Student From Hell

    For the sake of this student's future her! The last thing a nursing unit needs is another coworker who constantly dodges her respnsibilities. This type of coworker leaves the rest of the nurses on the unit to pick up for her slack an...
  4. 2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Credco is the 3rd party company that checks for the NCLRP process. Don't stress. It is around this time that they begin confIrming student loan debt by checking your credit history. If I'm not mistaken my credit check took place in April last year.
  5. Feeling doubtful...just got accepted to Nursing school!

    This must be a fairly common feeling among nursing students about to begin a nursing program. Like you, I aced all of my pre requisites but when it came time to start the actual nursing program I doubted my decision. I remember unpacking my belonging...
  6. Potassium supplementation

    No interventions are given for K greater than 3.5 or Mag greater than 1.7 at my facility (with or without cardiac history). I guess if an arrhythmia was present that might be different. I have not run in to this scenario yet. This question has defini...
  7. Nurse Corps Loan Repayment 2016 Cycle

    I received my first deposit yesterday. I will be getting monthly installments. The payment status said "processed" before and after the first deposit was made.
  8. Nurse Corps Loan Repayment 2016 Cycle

  9. Temporary License

    I would actually call the BON to clarify if you have not done so already.
  10. Nurse Corps Loan Repayment 2016 Cycle

    Thanks for the info tjones57. The wait is agonizing and I'm slowly losing my mind!
  11. Nurse Corps Loan Repayment 2016 Cycle

    Does anyone know if my employer will be contacted a 2nd time after I've received a finalist email and the countersign has occured? My finalist status is still the same.
  12. Maine Hospital--Help

    Saint Joseph Hospital is a large hospital that is also located in Bangor. If you're interested in mental health nursing, Acadia Hospital is located in Bangor as well.
  13. Incentives to orient new hires?

    Thanks for all of your input!
  14. Does your facility offer incentives for staff nurses to train new hires (new and experienced nurses)? My facility has never offered incentives and does not take in to consideration that training a new employee (experienced or not) basically doubles t...
  15. I worked for a CNO who had less than 2 years of clinical experience before getting the position. He did a great job typing up new policies based on EBP but was never able/willing to help on the floor when the turd hit the fan. I want my nursing leade...