Nclex - I passed on 2nd try!! *read*


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Congrats on passing NCLEX. I am taking mine for the 4th time on December 8 and would really appreciate it if you would forward that email to me. My email is

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Hi thanks for sharing your story. I sent you a PM but realize you don't have it . My email is


Congrats!! Thanks again :) :)


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Congrats 😍,and good luck on the new job position your holding , wish you the best 😊.please if you can help me as well by sharing your materials for Nclex as I really need help ,please email me at : Thank youuuu


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I am totally one of those people that needs weeks and/or months to get ready. About to take my Hesi exit in less than 3 weeks and hope to take the NCLEX exam as soon as I can. So nervous. Could you please forward me that same info for prep? Please and thank you!

and congratulations!!

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Hi Gipsydangerous I also will be taking hesi exit exam in a few weeks. I graduate in Jan . When do you graduate? How are you preparing for nclex?


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congratulations to you and good luck could you please email me those notes from your bestie? i will greatly appreciate


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Congrats on passing. I just failed the nclex again and i can really use that email :). It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Hi can any of you guys send the package? The person who wrote the post is not responding thank you