Nclex - I passed on 2nd try!! *read*


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Congrats and thanks for taking the time to write this post! You're awesome! Could you please send me the email? Thank you thank you!!


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Hello, please forward me that attachment file with everything on it. maybe it could be of help for me. Please? Email:

Looking forward to the email. Thanks in advance!


I will be taking my exam in 3 weeks. Could you please email me the informations that your betsie shared with you? Pleaseeeeeee. I am so scared of the exam. I'm feeling very nervous. My email address is Thanks in advance


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Will someone please forward me a copy??

Thank you for sharing your story and offering advice and helping all of us. Congrats on becoming and RN and all your hard work.

If if you could kindly email the notes you talked about that would be amazing and greatly appreciated.

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Congratulations! Your story has really helped me personally! If you could email me as well, it would be greatly appreciated thank you!


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Hi, Congrats

Can you please forward me your bestie's notes? Here's my email address

Thx you


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Congratulations!!! So happy for you. Can you please send me the notes you have at Thank you.