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  1. arthur_lee

    Felony and nursing?

    With a misdemeanor you can but with a felony that's a different ball game. Not sure about that I would wait to speak with Bon.
  2. arthur_lee

    What should I do when I ens up with a C in Anatomy ?

    Retake it
  3. arthur_lee

    Passed NCLEX, 75 questions, 4th attempt

    Congrats pls can you send me your note. Aaronn_08@yahoo.com
  4. arthur_lee

    U world for NCLEX?

    I'm using it now
  5. arthur_lee


    Are you coming back this fall.
  6. arthur_lee


    Why did quite. If you don't mind me asking. Was pharm hard.
  7. arthur_lee


    Oh the already gave me my class for fall. And I saw pharmacology on there. Did you graduate from there
  8. arthur_lee


    I have signed up for pharmacology but for the fall.
  9. arthur_lee


    Yes I am starting this fall as well but I'm at Alva campus.
  10. arthur_lee

    South Dakota Pay

    Better moving away
  11. arthur_lee

    Nwosu Fall 2016 Nursing (BSN)

    It might be too early, but i want to start a thread for nwosu fall 2016 nursing program. I am sure we have lot of questions. We can get to know & ask each other questions and assist with advice. We may end up in the same class.
  12. arthur_lee

    Passed NCLEX, 75 questions, 4th attempt

    Congrats please can you email it to me aaronn_08@yahoo.com
  13. arthur_lee

    Passed NCLEX 75Q 2016

    Congratulations. Please can you sent me your notes/review aaronn_08@yahoo.com
  14. arthur_lee

    Finish Bachelors or go to LPN school?

    I will say go for Lpn. Once you get your first bs degree. Any other degree. After that. You will pay for it out of pocket.
  15. arthur_lee

    Finish Bachelors or go to LPN school?

    Lpn/lvn is not 18 months... Mine was 12 months.
  16. arthur_lee

    PASSED NCLEX with 75 Q! What I did Differently

    Congratulation. My email aaronn_08@yahoo.com