Nclex - I passed on 2nd try!! *read*


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Congratulations!!! Would you send me all resources for NCLEX that you have at, please? Thank you.

I will be re-testing after the first of the year. You post is very encouraging. I dont know if you were offering to send the info your bestie sent you, but if that is what you were referring to, I would greatly appreciate the information. Thank you so much


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Hi guys! I am unable to reply PM's since I am still new on here however I want to inform both the people that messaged me and those that commented on this post that I have sent the email with the 'Amazing link to the study files :) to each and everyone of you that gave your email address. I would highly advice you save these documents in your devices because the content won't be available online forever. I really do hope it helps you all and GOOD LUCK! (p.s. it is a mass email. click on the link)

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! and thanks for taking the time to post this. Please forward the email to me at

Thanks in advance.


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please can you send me anything to help me pass nclex? thank you very much Congratulations !!!!! God blessed you : )


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Congratulations on passing the NCLEX! I really appreciate your positive experience. Could you please send me your friends notes. Email address is Thank you.


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Congratulations!!! My test is a few weeks away and would greatly appreciate if you would forward the link to me. Thank you in advance!

I have failed my boards over and over I am so inspired by your story can you please send me any of your nurses notes?

Thank you

and Congrats so proud of you


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CONGRATULATIONS AMALOVE.. if u can share you notes, i would really appreciate email is THANKYOU! :)


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Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!! Amalove 😊