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Hi Everyone,

I wrote the NCLEX exam two days ago in GA. And I found out I passed the next day via email in less than 48 hours. I was so nervous to check my result but God willing the BON emailed me with my license number the next day! Yay Georgia BON!

The Nclex is a very challenging exam but I would like to share how I overcame it on my second try. Shut off at 116 questions (if anyone wanted to know)

The first time I wrote it I didn't really study, I guess I underestimated the test, when I went in and wrote the test I just lost it because I knew I didn't know half of the questions thrown at me. Mostly psych & meds. It shut off at 196 questions. Two days later I saw FAIL & cried so hard.

Very appreciative of my family as they encouraged me to try again.

Now, my story is different because usually failure is a motivator and most people study like crazy before they take it again.

But for tests I have to study literally the week of the test to retain memory. Weird I know. If I study weeks ahead I would mix up info during the test.

So I didn't study until the last week before the test, even when I tried I lost the will to. So a week before the exam I decided to study (of-course) and was very scared as I read other people's posts on here about studying for weeks.

Now if if you don't have much time left and you feel you're still lost after studying for weeks then my advice might apply to you as well as others who need some encouragement. This is what worked for me.

First of all, YOU CAN DO IT. I literally studied for 6 days and passed.

The sources I used

-Saunders Q & A - very very very important. Literally half my questions were related to the rationales in read in this book. 1800 questions (obviously can't answer that much in 6 days so I answered about 250 questions from the book & passed!) please you will not regret. Read the rationale and understand it please. I had an exact question btw from this book, options & everything yay!

- LaCharity - for delegation and priority. If you have a scratch code on your book, go online and use it. Easier that way you don't have to flip to the back to read your rationale. I did about 16 chapters took a day to do 10 & spread the rest out.

- Exam cram RN

Great book for those weird questions or diseases that NCLEX might throw at you. It has 500 questions but because of time I did 150 & found related questions on the test.

-NCSBN Pretest Questions - like a million questions on there but I did only 100 to get a hang of it. Did not like the rationales, they were quite short but it helped me as well.

- Amazing email by my bestie lol

I was so lucky to have gotten this email with attachments of EVERYTHING!! Books, KAPLAN Question trainer 1 to 7, Hesi, Hurst, various nursing Notes lol but in 6 days your brain can only take so much. So I didn't really use it but it will be extremely helpful (pm me of you want me to forward it to you)

My study pattern - day 1 - LaCharity

day 2 - Saunders Q&A

day 3 - Exam cram, Saunders

day 4 - la charity, Saunders

day 5 - ncsbn, Saunders

day 6 - LaCharity, Saunders

Studied each book 4hrs then a 1hr30min break between 10 am to 9pm

extended to midnight if I took longer breaks.

Yes I read the day before the test however I slept earlier by 8/9 pm and woke up 6am for the test at 8.00 am. Breakfast was an apple and a banana. I wrote the first test in the afternoon and felt drowsy. So I suggest scheduling for a morning test when your brain is active and not stressed is best.

All nurses post on infection control was great as well. Know PPE's, TB is an Nclex favorite lol so know everything you can about it i.e. drug is taken for 6 months, mantoux induration range, N95 mask e.t.c

Most importantly, you cannot read everything, so you will definitely see questions you know absolutely nothing about. Do Not Panic, you got this!!!

READ '60 Nclex test taking tips on Brilliant'

This helped me answer so many questions I wasn't sure about for e.g.

Avoid answers with absolute words like " all, everyone,never,none,etc." in the heat of the moment you can be stuck between two answers and one contains the word never and you're like boom! Out lol

These test tricks really help I promise.

For second time, third or any test takers. You got this! You are intelligent and you will conquer this. Just be positive. Say to yourself that you will make it. You are more than a test.

Understand the Nclex test plan and work accordingly, that's why Saunders is great, it's divided into Nclex sections. Start with Management of Care because it has the most questions on the Nclex. Try to answer at least 50 questions in each section to get a taste of what the questions are about per section.

I am so happy and will go celebrate tomorrow. I start work next week and this couldn't have gotten any better! Lengthy but I hope this helps someone because it's not easy but you will overcome it! Goodluck 🤗

Congrats! I failed my first time taking the NCLEX 3 weeks ago. Please send me the information. My email is [email protected]

Thank you!!!!

Hi Congratulations.Thank you for sharing your story. I would really appreciate if you can please send me at [email protected] the info that you friend emailed you.

thank you

Congratulations on your new job. Can someone pls send me an email with the link to the notes. Thank you.

My email address is: [email protected]

Congrats! Please can you send it to me too? My email is: [email protected]

Hi Amalove. Congratulations on passing NCLEX! And thank you for sharing your experience. My study habits are very similar to yours. You're the first I heard that studied for only a week before the exam. I hear others study for months and I've tried that and it didn't work for me because I get too distracted. Whatever works for everyone. I would like a copy of the notes your bestie sent you. Could you please forward me the attachments? My email is [email protected]. Thank you.

Thanks for helping all of us who need it. If possible I would love to receive the information your friend gave you ([email protected])

Thanks again and Congrats on becoming a RN :)

I think people stress themselves out hearing all of these people on here saying you need to study yourself to death to pass nclex. Doesn't everyone remember this is what they did to us in Nursing school. We were always hearing about "next semester is where everyone fails and drops out" or "last semester is High Acuity and only half the students pass". Why did we fall for this? I failed Nclex 3 times after trying Kaplan and Hurst. I did the Nursity program and studied 90 minutes a day and passed. But I'm also a man and we are more likely to fail Nclex. Don't cause yourself massive anxiety listening to all of these people tell you to cram for months to pass Nclex.

I'm so sorry, I see that a lot of people have asked you for your helpful NCLEX information that your bestie sent you...........Do you mind sending it to me as well? Thank you so much - I would really appreciate it!!! My email is [email protected]

Hi guys I have forwarded the email to each if you that asked for it up until this comment. Please look out for it. Good luck!

Hi evryone , i have read a lot of post here and just thot i should share with evryone my experirience on the Nclex-RN Exams. I am a foreign trained nurse and have my Bnsc,RN,RM,RPHN from the country where i trained and also have four years working experience before moving here. I started studying for exams sometimes in Sept even though have had my ATT since May so i had to test on or before November 25th. I Sat for the exams on the 24th of November and i had to answer the weird 265 questions (crazy ?) . I went back home sad and with migraine , when i got to 190 i started crying i lost hope and i thot i had failed completely. i tried the PVT but it took me all the way to the submit order page BUT I DIDNT submit the order cos i didnt want to be charged, exactly 48hours after the test, i checked the result using Quick result and i saw PASS as the status of my unofficial result, till date i didnt believe my eyes but i bless God. i studied on my own for the exams and if anyone would like to know what i used you can please send me a text , i will be ready to share the information. I wish evryone the best.

Good day. Thanks for sharing ur experience. Could u plz share ur notes from ur best friend plz!!

[email protected]

Thanks. I'm testing less than a month's time.

This is very helpful. Could you please email me also [email protected]

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