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  1. Lpn Blake

    I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions on the first try!!!

    Could you email me the study guide and the medication summary please? My email is shellysmith346@yahoo.com
  2. Lpn Blake

    Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

    This needs to be automatically read by everyone before they are allowed to even post a comment about taking the Nclex..
  3. Lpn Blake

    Study Advice For NCLEX PN

    My boards are scheduled for August 3. I'm really nervous and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with studying. Currently, I'm using Remar Review and Saunders for content study and Exam Cram, Lippencott, and LaCharity for questions. ( Am I doing too much:arghh:) This test is such a big burden. I just want it to be over. Can someone please give me some helpful advice???
  4. Lpn Blake

    How I passed 75 questions on NCLEX in 1hr and 30 minutes

    Could you please email me some tips also shellysmith346@yahoo.com
  5. Lpn Blake

    Took NCLEX this morning 75 questions!!!!

    Please keep us posted. This is the kind of story I love to ready about!!
  6. Lpn Blake

    NCLEX Study Guide Question

    Did you pass the Nclex using this study guide?
  7. Lpn Blake

    NCLEX Study Guide Question

    HI can someone please tell me if this study guide was helpful? Did anyone pass using it? Someone please answer....