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  1. ykrolick

    Just finished UWORLD

    I had completed Uworld questions and studied a little using Mastery app when I prepared NCLEX. I passed it after answering about 90 questions. Uwolrd is really helpful and very similar to NCLEX. However, I would recommend that you find more practice tests about pediatric and maternal or study more contents about them. I felt not prepared well about those topics when I took NCLEX using only Uworld. There were a lot of questions about infection control precautions and prioritizing that you should be prepared well by studying Uworld.
  2. ykrolick

    Dignity Health New Grad Hiring Process

    Thank you for your response, AZRNallday! Do you know when they will hire new grads next time?
  3. ykrolick

    Dignity Health New Grad Hiring Process

    Hello, How did you find out that Dignity Health was hiring new grads? I guess I am late this time since the interview has been going. Could you tell me where I can sign up for it for next time? I appreciate your help.
  4. ykrolick

    Nclex - I passed on 2nd try!! *read*

    Congratulations!!! Would you send me all resources for NCLEX that you have at ykrolick@yahoo.com, please? Thank you.
  5. I've read a lot of great feedback about this book written a few years ago. I am wondering if Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Review by Mary Ann Hogan is still great.
  6. ykrolick

    Gateway CC LPN Spring 2014

    Is there a waiting list?
  7. ykrolick

    LPN program at Gateway CC

    Hello there, I am planning to apply for LPN program at Gateway soon. My prerequisites are pretty old..I took them about 6-7 years ago. I wonder if I have to retake them to apply or it is optional. How long do I need to wait for admission..about 1 or 2 years? I appreciate any info.
  8. Hello I had taken all prerequisites and corequisites for MCC nursing program five years ago and didn't apply for it yet. I wonder if they are still effective for MCC nursing pr. Do you about MCC's time limit for pre&corequisites? Thanks.
  9. ykrolick

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    Mitenz, Thanks for the detailed answer. It was really helpful info for me.
  10. ykrolick

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    Hello, Can you tell me how many days and hours do you attend the class and the clinics? Will I be able to work part- time while enrolled in the program? Do you spend a lot of time studying? Please share your experience! Thanks in advance!
  11. ykrolick

    How much does a CNA get paid?

    Hello everyone, I wonder how much a new CNA get paid in Phoenix metropolitan area? ( in LTF or Rehab.) I will work night shifts on weekends. HR staff from my employer suggested $11 for 1 or 2 shift on weekdays. Then she told me that she will pay $12 if I will work on weekends. I wonder if I will work night shift on weekends and I can get paid more than $12. Another question is that when I can ask my agency to raise my pay rate if I work with agency. Does agency pay with same rate, even I work night shift on weekends? Thanks in advance.
  12. ykrolick

    east valley phlebotomy

    Arizona Medical Training Institute has a phlebotomy program.
  13. ykrolick

    Nusing Staffing Agency

    Thanks for the answer, Caliotter3! Have you ever heard about " All-Stat Nursing Services " ?