Nclex feeling like I failed


I just finished my nclex. Cut off at 75 and I feel horrible. I feel that I guessed on a lot. How many fail on 75? I had a mix of stuff and SATA. Thanks!

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The types of questions is irrelevant. There are questions of all type that are above and below the passing standard. The vast majority of US-educated NCLEX takers do pass on the first attempt. Take a few days for yourself. Relax. The test is over and at this point you are free. Get your official license number/Quick Results/however your state lets you find out when you can.

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Most everyone feels this way... I know I did. Try and do something active to get your mind off of it until you an get your results (I know easier said then done).

Best Wishes!

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Can I ask you how you studied???


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I've got you now! What did I tell you?????????????????????????????????????


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I bought ncsbn review but it was way crazy. I used saunders online review questions. I focused on the analysis and application . Also when taking the exam if it was something I was unsure of and it asked what requires more teaching etc... I reviewed the answers.... almost every time 3 were all similar


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Just to update.....I PASSED!!!

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What do you mean by "way crazy", lol. I am taking mine in a couple weeks and I am freaking out and not sure what strategies or practice questions would be best. Were the NCSBN questions exactly like the NCLEX????? I am doing kaplan and UWorld right now and I hate the kaplan, but am really loving the UWorld and am not sure it is good enough.

By the way CONGRATS RN!!!!

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I literally felt the EXACT same way a week ago when I took the NCLEX. Try to relax! I know it's hard waiting, but it sounds like you're responding the same way I did.

I know most won't recommend doing the PVT, but it did work for me and the folks in my class that did it as well.


I was praying for more questions at 75 but it cut off. The proctor said congratulations as she scanned my palm to leave the testing area. I said we will see.