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inthecosmos has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Varied.

BSN educated RN continuing my education to become an FNP, along with goals to achieve my DNP by 2022.

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  1. inthecosmos

    Lpn to rn transition Forsyth Tech 2018

    I worked predominantly full-time during the process. Until last semester.
  2. inthecosmos

    Removing the PICC line where there is a DVT?

    Thank you for this valuable info!
  3. inthecosmos

    HIV patients

    There is a minute chance that you can get HIV from a patient, even without antiviral medications. Take universal precautions and consult the CDC for any questions regarding transmitted infections, they have a plethora of knowledge and a hotline!
  4. inthecosmos

    ICU floating to ED

    Interested to know what happens with this. I don't think this is safe practice.
  5. inthecosmos

    Narcotic diversion vrs. Incompetent nurse

    Ensure you're doing everything correctly. Especially counts and discrepancies. Write everything up that isn't to policy.
  6. Several people dropped the ball on this one. Bed sores are costly and usually fall on the facility to pay for. Nothing could happen or both the nurse and the CNA could be fired.
  7. inthecosmos

    Ineffective Compressions

    Feedback pads and mannequins have significantly improved my compressions. You could talk to your one-up (direct manager) and see if there's a way to best handle this. I am candid with my manager regarding the responses to codes, which are sometimes lacking in my area. We are a step-down unit and still have ACLS-certified nurses who are not consistent with their code response. Our code team is pretty vicious, if someone isn't doing compressions correctly, it's immediately addressed. If you're fearful of doing this, perhaps discussing it with your manager or clinical educator may assist.
  8. inthecosmos

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    Winston Salem, NC $30.00 base pay; $4.00 nights differential; $1.00 weekend differential (on-top of baylor pay). An additional $1.00 if I'm ever charge.
  9. inthecosmos

    RN-BSN Not Requiring Statistics

    Also, ensure that whatever course you take it is eligible for consideration into a master's program. The college I went to offered a stats course, but if I were interested in their MSN program, they would not accept it. That is what ultimately pushed me into taking it at the CC.
  10. inthecosmos

    Still in this thing!!!!

    Congratulations! May you continue to have such enthusiasm for your practice!
  11. inthecosmos

    Study groups in nursing school

    Having someone to correspond with and discuss topics is helpful, but not necessary. I am 50% finished with my MSN and have never utilized a study group. What I have done, however, is connected with students in the class that I could discuss content with. I'm wildly independent and didn't see much value in study groups, until recently. When discussing an exam with one of my fellow-classmates, I was able to reengage the content and reinforce my learning. What I wasn't sure of, I looked up, which helped with retention and recall. For that reason alone, I would highly recommend connecting with others. You are going to call on your fellow nurses often in practice and I would recommend learning now how to do that! Creating a group or connecting with others will help you grow professionally.
  12. inthecosmos

    RN-BSN Not Requiring Statistics

    I took stats a local community college while enrolled in an University program. Best thing I did for myself.
  13. inthecosmos

    ODU FNP Graduates/Students

    Feel free to private message me.
  14. inthecosmos

    Why We Celebrate Nursing - History Behind Nurses Week

    I actually utilized Florence Nightingale in a discussion board post for my evidence-based research course. She set the foundation for evidence-based practice, as you mention, and shaped nursing theory. My husband, who is also a nurse, shares a birthday with Nightingale and always mentions her during this time of year. It is clear the impact she has made on many nurses, including myself!
  15. inthecosmos

    New Nurse..Lost a pt. I didn't know ID hurt so deeply

    I believe we all remember our first death vividly. As a former hospice nurse, I have seen many deaths, but my first one still stands out. There is nothing you did incorrectly, unfortunately, it was his time to go. Reach out to employee assistance or perhaps your manager.
  16. inthecosmos

    Reasons nurses get fired

    -_-' Wow.