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  1. You have received many suggestions. Have you spoken with a career coach to maybe ignite your passion? I know this sounds a bit bogus, but as someone who also dislikes direct patient care (as a bedside RN) for similar reasons, I found my passion for r...
  2. inthecosmos

    Age vs Years Nursing

    Age: 28 Years in Nursing: 4 years as an RN, was a CNA for 2 years before that.
  3. There are many websites available that may aid you in your search. They require payment, but a Google search of "perform background check" will give you options and I'd look at reviews and what all they offer. You want a federal background check for ...
  4. inthecosmos

    Old Dominion University DNP

    I was in their FNP program and they assisted. My understanding is that they assist in every program.
  5. inthecosmos

    Old Dominion University DNP

    4.00. The majority of my class, set to graduate in May were 4.00 students.
  6. Novant: shift diff is 4.00. weekends is 1-2$ (I am not 100% sure as I work only weekends and get paid differently for that). culture: is great. Nurse-centered. Truthfully, it’s a good place to work. Also, if you’re looking for a unit to work on...
  7. inthecosmos

    Old Dominion University DNP

    For some reason I did not receive it! ?
  8. inthecosmos

    Old Dominion University DNP

    I sent you a DM! If you're in the business course, I am the second person who posted in the introductions!
  9. inthecosmos

    patients who leave the floor against doctors orders

    Uhm, you can leave, but as many have already stated, at the risk of being discharged. If you do not have an order, it is likely you can't leave the floor. Without knowing your medical history (which I don't recommend including here as you've alread...
  10. inthecosmos

    Should I....?

    Absolutely! You have a solid foundation with your experience and an LPN license. Think of it as a promotion!
  11. inthecosmos

    Old Dominion University DNP

    I am not! I live in NC. I am about four hours outside of VA Beach. I do! I really enjoy the majority of the professors, which ultimately led me to pursuing their DNP program. I am going part time.
  12. inthecosmos

    Old Dominion University DNP 2020

    I replied to your other thread, but I am! I am currently enrolled in their MSN-FNP program.
  13. inthecosmos

    ODU FNP Program Fall 2019

    I hope your first semester treated you well!
  14. inthecosmos

    Old Dominion University DNP

    I am currently enrolled in their MSN-FNP program and am beginning their DNP program next week!
  15. I would recommend seeing if you can get in touch with someone (not on leave). I am assuming someone else will be on duty for her?