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  1. inthecosmos

    Davidson County Community college LPN to RN 2019

    It is 2 semesters.
  2. inthecosmos

    Nursing Student Pregnant

    Best friend was very pregnant during our last semester and did well. It was a bit stressful at times, but overall went well. CONGRATS
  3. inthecosmos

    Online FNP Programs

    ODU has a fantastic online-hybrid program. Attend virtual classes and have to visit the college once a semester. Will identify preceptors for you. Columbus State University also has an online only option. Affordable. Have to identify own preceptors.
  4. inthecosmos

    Best states for Associates Degree RN

    Nursing shortage is real. Most areas that aren't heavily populated will take your ADN. Even places that are heavily populated will, if you're willing to get your BSN. NC and VA both hire ADN graduates.
  5. inthecosmos

    Looking to move to a different state

    Not in TX or CA, but would recommend getting the certifications. Even if they require TX certifications, it would be an asset to already have some experience (even educational experience).
  6. inthecosmos

    I don’t know what to say 😩😩😩

    Being present and attentive is more than enough.
  7. inthecosmos

    Medication error

    Multifactoral cause. Interested to hear what happens. There are many opportunities here for process improvement.
  8. You never know until you try! I would urge you to consider reflecting on whether you want to move up where you are currently, if not, MOVE!
  9. inthecosmos

    First med error/mistakes

    We all make mistakes. What is important is that you acknowledged your mistakes and now you can work on making them better. As a new nurse you will have many "problems" competing for your time and you need to be assertive when you need help (even if that is pulling one of the PCAs to sit so you can do your job). Take a few breaths and look forward to the next day. I wish you the best of luck.
  10. inthecosmos

    Transitioning from LTC to Medsurg?

    Job shadow! It is a great way to see if the transition is worth it for you. IVs aren't the pinnacle of nursing either. What additional goals do you have with this transition? What skills do you want to gain? How is this going to move your career (in one direction or the other)? What are your career goals? Do these apply to your current goals?
  11. inthecosmos

    Is it a bad idea to return to the hospital?

    Maybe work PRN at first? A few shifts may let you decide if it something you can manage.
  12. inthecosmos

    A statistical death

    What is most difficult, I believe, is that we need a better understanding of "safe" nursing ratios. Acuity should always be considered when looking at "safe" staffing ratios. As you mentioned, "statistically safe" isn't good enough for our staff or our patients.
  13. inthecosmos

    Can a registered nurse work as a medical assistant

    What distance are you considering? It may help to increase the distance from your home, within reason.
  14. inthecosmos

    Responding to psych patient requests/comments

    There are many contextual elements to this story you cannot answer to that make this a difficult post to respond to. As far as I can read, you may need to seek better ways to phrase what you're saying. As I have said before, context always matters, and a bunch of strangers on the internet aren't going to have all the answers. Maybe ask peers? People who are witness to what is occurring and can provide timely feedback, without missing contextual elements. Instead of saying: Instead say: "I am sorry you feel that way and I will identify someone who can assist you as soon as possible. I cannot take you in this moment, but if you give me x amount of time, I may be able to look for someone." How are you going to solve the problem? (The problem being his feelings of neglect.) You didn't do much, in your recall of your scenario, to fix the issue.
  15. inthecosmos

    Scared.....No Nursing?

    I wish you all the best, please keep us updated!