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For those of you who didn't pass: I want to encourage you to stop using the word "failed". Failure is reserved for those who are never courageous enough to try. That is what failure is. The... Read More

  1. by   jayann
    thanks cher, i believe that i can make it, with proper study..it was just not the right time...instead of dwelling on the "dark side" i count my blessings instead...i take this humps as a challenge...and ill never give up...

    we can do it kemerick and all the ones who did not make it..we will be RN's as this is our "calling"..Good luck to all of us..
  2. by   whirlwind
    although i still didnt get my results(9th wk since nclex-rn), i'l keep on praying and believing that one day, my waiting is over...
    thank you cher for such an encouraging words...
    you're 1 in a million..
  3. by   nadu13
    Thanks Cher, once again ur words are sooooooo encouraging. Believe me I am so ready to start studying again and passing the NCLEX really soon. Thank you soooo much
  4. by   chieffe
    [font="book antiqua"]you should be a motivational speaker, cher
    so lovin' your post

  5. by   Life is in Mess
    awesome............... thank you so much! i have been unsuccessful 3times. but this is the first time said something good that actually touch my heart and soul. thanks for the encouragment i will never ever quiet and pass this darn test. i dont have words to say thanks feel like thanks is a little word for such a big encouragment you gave to all of us. before that i always says i am a losser and failure but today i realize i am not losser and nither a failure i didn't fail, i am a future nurse waiting to pass the nclex-pn.umpiron: :caduceus: :caduceus: :snow:
  6. by   Cherybaby
    You guys are terrific. Just never stop dreaming. Never get so discouraged that you give up your dreams, your goals and your desires. This includes ANY aspect of your lives...not just nursing.

    I received so many personal emails from some of you. Some were so heartbreaking I could cry. I want you all to know that each of you have it within you to pass this exam. You all do. Some of you are studying hard, but maybe you are focusing on the wrong things. Remember that nursing is not about memorization, but practicalities and a whole bunch of critical thinking. We have all heard the term before...but what does it really mean?

    Critical thinking is the ability to know not what is right or wrong...but what would be best in a situation. Sometimes, on the NCLEX, there are two answers that are really good options. Picture yourself as the patient. Or, if it helps to motivate you, think of your child or a close family member as the patient. Now, answer the question. Which of these interventions would you want done FIRST if this was you or your loved one?

    If you can do that, you will get the correct answer over and over again.

    There are certain things that are absolutes.

    Lab values. You have to know those. But, make up little rhymes or quirky little sayings to help you remember them. For example, I made potassium into a phone number: POk-3553.

    Potassium is (K) and the value is 3.5-5.3

    For Blood Urea Nitrogen...I said All girls 8-20 look cute in BUNS. 8-20 is the therapeutic level.

    Don't drown yourself in information. No one can possibly remember everything. Just do things the way you learn best...and you will accomplish.

    What I don't want to hear is "This is my third time taking the test. If I fail this, I am just going to give up."

    No, you aren't. Because I said so!:chuckle

    If you are willing to take that test two, three, four, five times, etc., then you have the will, the desire and the want to be a nurse. That's the kind of person I want taking care of me! The person who really gives their all and isn't afraid to bounce back!

    Lastly, always remember this.

    No matter HOW bad you have it...no matter how bleak or how dismal things may seem, someone always has it worse than you do. They overcome...and so will you.

    With love, heart and best wishes,
  7. by   Cherybaby
    I wanted to bump this back up for everyone who needs a little encouragement.

    Good luck to all of you who are taking your NCLEX this week!

  8. by   janina08RN

    Very inspiring Cher...Im so glad I've come across this thread. Thank you so much for a wonderful insight.

    You are God sent. Thank you so much.

    God bless you!
  9. by   live2help
    wow, thank you so much for those amazing, thoughtful words.
    I just saw this thread and was like... wow. AMAZING!
    You really encouraged me now... and thank you!!!
    I don't know if anyone watches Rev. Joel Osteen's preaching, (Texas) on Sunday mornings (@ 9am on Fox), but his words are so encouraging. And one thing he always mentions in his preachings is that: we should declare this to ourselves saying "I AM NOT A VICTIM BUT I'M VICTORIOUS." This is what i've been telling myself too lately... i'm not a victim in failling this exam, instead one day i'll become victorious in passing this exam and that day is very near!!!
  10. by   SugarPlum2003
    Wow....thank you so much for those words of encouragement! I have taken the exam four times already and i still have not passed..but i am not giving up! I def needed that insight to lift my spirits..Thank you:wink2: