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  1. by   RNfromMN
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    where do you go to get on suzanne plan
  2. by   madu
    I am MADU,a foreign graduate nurse and I used suzanne's study plan. It was really helped me to pass my NCLEX in my frist try.Good luck everybody.
  3. by   ITsurvivor06
    I haven't read all the posts yet; just joined all nurses last night. Suzanne's tip to try the end-of-chapter tests without reading the chapters first sounds like a good idea, especially if you are pressed for time. I am testing on the 18th (PN) and have been reading each chapter, then taking each test. I am only on Ch. 22 of 66 so I will definitely follow her advice!
    Good luck to everyone. This website is SO cool--it's cutting into my study time reading thru all the different forums!
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    :spin: i am still waiting for the arrival of my saunders book from amazon....sigh...:angryfire

    :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire as of january 6th my book is still somewhere the doom of amazon.com grrrrr:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire

    january 10----->:angryfire book hasnt arrive yet...grrrrrr:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire
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    i am not in the Philippines at the moment i am permanently living here in CAlifornia with my family:spin: . well,i am looking forward to visiting Philippines soon maybe in a year or 2
  6. by   hamburg
    hey every one,,,i started with saunders plus suzannas plan too....
    so i hope it will help me to pass the nclex this time,i'll take my time to study and not to stress myself toomuch....so w'll see...i wish you people good luck and you wish me good luck
  7. by   dimplez
    I followed Suzanne plan on my first test to the tee and failed my first exam.....I failed mainly do to anxiety not because I didn't follow her plan. "MOST people fail the exam the first time due to anxiety.....the plan is great and more people pass with it than fail....I recommend her plan for any one especially to review nursing knowledge as well as learning how to eliminate wrong answer choices....The planed help me with reviewing school knowledge...as for studying my second time around, I tried something different.....I prepared my second time around for 2 and a half months...I reviewed Saunders for content and I did the Kaplan review for strategies and critical thinking....Kaplan is great, it helped me to reword questions and know exactly what the question was asking and it also helped with eliminating choices and how to choose between the 2 answer choices that we sometimes have left....It also helped with prioritizing BIG time....NCLEX has a lot of prioritizing on the exam....Kaplan "TO ME" is exactly like the NCLEX and it is worth the money for the book as well as the online Q-Bank.....Hope that helps.....
  8. by   sandey37
    i used the ncsbn online to study and nclex review by davis and i passed with 85 questions. I think they were both wonderful materials that helped me think like the nclex exam.
  9. by   nindot
    i used suzannes nclex guide, my exam stopped at 75, passed it first try and i'm foreign-educated.
  10. by   hopeful_nurse
    hi rafRn and nindot i too is from the phils. can u pls give me ur email ad cause I want to know some details about nclex thanks
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  11. by   ndc2006
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    I am doing suzanne's plan and i'll be taking it on feb.Her plan is nice knowing that your following a certain step which really would encourage you to study and focus more on wer ur weaknesses are with regards to ur concepts.And most especially,on how to attack and analyze questions w/c are sometimes just common sense.

    I never liked saunders the first time i used it because it's really a lot.But when i used suzanne's plan,i appreciated it more and that i realized that u'll really learn a lot from it. (most especially when ur out from nursing 4 a long time)It's a big big help!!!!!
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  12. by   caliotter3
    I plan on using this plan when I study for the NCLEX, b/c as previously stated, it is specially for those who "go all over the place and don't stay focused". For Suzanne: You are really a great person to go through all the trouble you do to help others in this manner. I've always liked being around positive people and believe you must be great to work with. You really ought to consider approaching this as a business, and start charging for the information. Many nurses become entreprenours (sp?), some out of necessity. You would do well to make money from your efforts, even if you only charged in certain circumstances. Just my 2 cents.
  13. by   Sunshine97
    Could u please advise me how to log on to suzanne's plan seem not to get the link

    thank you

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