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RNfromMN has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Developmental Disabilities, LTC.

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  1. RNfromMN

    feeling stupid

    Give it a good 6 months until you feel comfortable with your job...best advice a nurse ever gave me.
  2. RNfromMN

    Pleasantly Confused

    I loooovvvvvee "pleasantly confused." I use it all the time - I'm a new nurse, I haven't really ever thought of the "appropriateness" of the term. I feel when I describe someone as "pleasantly confused" -to a family member or otherwise- I'm saying that no, they're not with it, but they're okay with it, it's not upsetting to them.
  3. RNfromMN

    I passed the NCLEX!

    No apologies necessary for melodrama - try to hang onto and remember this feeling for as long as you can! Congratulations!
  4. RNfromMN

    please i need your prayers

    Prayers sent your way - God Bless
  5. RNfromMN

    A Heartening Moment

    Thank you for sharing this moment from your day - it really is very touching, despite the fact that it may not be the most ideal situation.
  6. RNfromMN

    So angry right now. Warning: Extremely long

    Wow, October, I don't know what to say...how awful. I can't believe they haven't done another tap yet...what's the reasoning behind that? I sincerely hope you can get somewhere on the phone tomorrow.
  7. RNfromMN

    update: jerk fiancee

    I followed your previous thread & just wanted to say....good for you! Your courage is inspiring. I can easily list off on 2 hands, girls in the same situation as you that don't have the guts to do anything about it...which becomes particularly difficult to sympathize with when they have children involve. I really don't think you will ever regret this decision - if nothing else, it will give you the chance to realize that you can do this on your own! If you truly want to go back in the future (after taking this much needed step back), I'm sure you'll be able to. Keep us posted!
  8. RNfromMN

    Do You Announce That You're a Nurse?

    :yeahthat:That's a perfect explanation of what I do, too.
  9. RNfromMN

    Orienting a new nurse...need advice

    I wish I had some advice. Just wanted to offer what I'm experiencing as a new nurse myself: I remember being taught in school that it was unsafe to administer any medication unless all side effects were known & that once I got into practice, I was to "not be afraid" to check my drug book whenever a med came up that I wasn't familiar with. I was also taught that NG tube placement always had to be confirmed initially with CXR, then checked for placement once a shift by checking ph. That being said, I cannot imagine interrupting the nurses I'm training with now, whom have decades of experience, to consult my drug book over every single pill that is passed, or to question their standard of practice. Nor would I question the way my new place of business checks NG tube placement - I trust that my employer has all their bases covered when it comes to stuff like that. Hope things eventually get a little easier for you. Again, I wish I had some advice for you.
  10. RNfromMN

    It's Time To Hang Up My Cap

    I promise I'll do my darndest to never become that robot. As a new nurse working in LTC, sitting & holding a patient's hand, or giving them a massage, or just asking them how their day is going is my favorite & most rewarding part of the day. Good luck with the teaching!!!
  11. RNfromMN

    Can I retake the NCLEX in another state?

    Oh, & please try not to feel too embarrassed. It's soooo common to not pass the 1st time. Now that I'm actually working, I hear from wonderful, seasoned nurses all the time that they didn't pass the 1st time.
  12. RNfromMN

    Can I retake the NCLEX in another state?

    Oh, yeah - duh:selfbonk:. I was answering a different question, I guess. I'd agree with Silver, that the hassle of getting everything transferred from one SBON to another isn't worth waiting the extra time to test in the same state. I thought about getting licensed in another state, so I looked into it. According to the MN SBON, I would have had to get all my school records transferred to them & fill out a bunch of paperwork - some of which had to be notarized. And there are fees attached to all that paperwork. I hope this all works out for you - hope you can wait the whole 90 days. Try not to fall into the same trap I did - I got so depressed after not passing the 1st time & waited almost a whole year before I tested again. If I could do it over, I would have just bucked up, studied for & took the test again as soon as I could have.
  13. RNfromMN

    Can I retake the NCLEX in another state?

    I don't think that's necessarily true. If you want to be licensed in another state, that's a pretty big hassle. As far as just testing in another state, though: I graduated from a school in WI, took my NCLEX once in WI, then took the NCLEX again in MN. The only difference I had to make is changing the testing center (from WI to MN) on the pearsonvue website. Because I had my schooling in WI, I am licensed in WI.
  14. RNfromMN

    Can I retake the NCLEX in another state?

    You can absolutely test in any other state. To quote the woman at Pearsonvue that I talked to after I didn't pass the 1st time, "You could take the test in Texas if you wanted to." (I live in MN). Good luck!
  15. Yeah, going along the same lines as las2009's post, I gotta say, I don't think I'd want this gal for my nurse... Wonder how she feels about med errors & the like...
  16. RNfromMN

    dumb conscious sedation questions

    :offtopic: This always bothered me during my preceptorship... I was taught during school to push the fentanyl over a certain time period & I was also taught to "stick to my own guns" once I got into the field about what I knew was right vs. the easy way to do things. During my preceptorship (at a GI health clinic), I was given the opportunity to push the fentanyl - when I pushed it over the prescribed time (over 2-3 minutes) everyone - the m.d. & the r.n.s - told me that was a ridiculous way to do things & that "if we did everything by the book, we'd never get anything done around here." Thoughts? Was I being too anal by protesting, or are some things just different in the real world of nursing?

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