Took NCLEX today with 75 questions! What does that mean? I think I flunked. - page 5

I just took the NCLEX today in CA and I was in there for about 1 3/4 hours and it shut off at 75 questions. I got a few pick all that apple, a few calculations, some mass casualty, but very few... Read More

  1. by   jennramapo
    Your right it was 15 sample questions. Oh, I hope we did OK. Your right about the alternative format, disproportionate number for sure. I had a drag and drop too.
  2. by   vitalerenee
    did you get your results??
    YEA!!! I PASSED!!!
  3. by   +one
  4. by   jennramapo
    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   muncieLPN34
    Well...I am in the same boat as all of you were...I have been an LPN for 3 years. Just sat for my RN on Monday, June 1st 2009. My test shut off at 75 questions and I think I read the last one wrong and it seemed easy and I think now that i answered it wrong. I was so overwhelmed when I started. It started with a disease I knew nothing about and got harder from there. Then got easier..then harder..then last few seemed easy..and i have heard that this isn't good. I was not able to take the Kaplan so I kept doing ATI's. I do not feel confident at all that I passed. And of course not results as of yet. Keep me in your prayers please, and I am very sick from all of this!

    Jill in Indiana
  6. by   Shanna3104
    I just fisnished my nclex RN 2 hours ago, and it shut off at 75 questions, and here I am agonizing over whether I passed. I heard that a 75 question shut off is a good thing , but I then again i've heard the opposite too! My boyfriend asked me how i thought I did and honestly I couldn't I gotta wait 48 hrs for the quick results and that just seems like an eternity, ugh
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    You just can not predict with this test. Good luck
  8. by   bbache2
    I also just took the NCLEX this morning and mine shut off at 75! I'm hoping for the best!! Although I really have no idea how I did...
  9. by   lolo1636
    I passed at 75 questions and am ecstatic! I think 75 is a good thing...everyone I've talked to that had 75Q have passed...
  10. by   winsome08
    Congrats lolo1636...good luck in you future endeavors.
  11. by   chris31
    So what was the result? Did you pass?
  12. by   Haspel69
    So I took my test this morning. Shut off at 75. I was a great student, but i got a good few straight forward content questions wrong. And got a LOT of select all that apply...which I suck at.

    I am freaking out. Trying not to have a full blown panic attack! I was in the same realm as many of my friends who too Kaplan in terms of scores, and they all passed in 75...but I just feel like I got easier questions that i should have known! I will be so embaressed if I fail. I am such an overachiever!
  13. by   abbykay13
    Took my NCLEX today and I am sooo worried about it. 75 questions. Pray for me! Thanks