Took NCLEX today with 75 questions! What does that mean? I think I flunked. - page 4

I just took the NCLEX today in CA and I was in there for about 1 3/4 hours and it shut off at 75 questions. I got a few pick all that apple, a few calculations, some mass casualty, but very few... Read More

  1. by   goodness123
    U Passed...
  2. by   goodness123
    find anything out yet???
  3. by   ahull
    I just took the NCLEX today, and I only got 75 questions. I am freaking out! I had a lot of med questions, a few select all that apply, and priority questions... I am so nervous I feel like I'm going to throw up! I did Kaplan, and I did so many questions! I passed the Kaplan readiness test with a 72%... but I feel like I didn't know anything today?!?!?!?! HELP!
  4. by   winsome08
    You pretty much have to wait for your results as there is no way to predict the results, wishing you the best of luck while you wait. Keep us posted.
  5. by   spongebob6286
    my uncle told me that most of the test takers would say that they fail the exams. i even told my family that i think i didnt make, that i am mostly unsure of my answers but i passed. just hang in there!
  6. by   passion4womyn
    what were some of the topics for Select all that apply on NCLEX?
  7. by   nkara
    I also asked one of the nurses I work with who is a recent grad how she did and what she thought of the test. She said it stopped at 76 questions and she felt that she passed after it because her last question was easy and she knew it. So it all depends I think.

    Good luck to all who are still waiting to hear.
  8. by   vitalerenee
    I just took the nclex this morning, and it shut off on me at 75 also!! I am 99% sure I failed!!! I've taken so many practice tests, studied hours on end, and then get a test w/questions on only a couple topics! I had no math, and A LOT of "select all that apply"....
    I am soooo upset.... I cannot believe it shut off at 75. Couldn't it have given me a chance on Different topics???? Has anyone out there failed w/75?? I feel like a complete idiot. My school also had the ATI's, my comp predictor said I had 97% chance of passing 1st time... and I also passed ALL ATI's, except pharm, I had to retake...we had an instructor who had no clue, she is no longer there for that reason....
  9. by   passion4womyn
    what did you study for SATA? whats the best book that wouldve helped you master SATA and nclex?IS lippincott ok?
  10. by   jennramapo
    Oh God, I'm panicked too. I also did all the predictors, scored 98% chance on ATI and everything else but when the computer shut off at 75 this morning I though I would throw up. I had so many SATA and it felt like so little else. Some infection control (most) meds, assignment, peds but no med math or all the stuff I was waiting for. Definitely was thrown by the number of SATA's, those questions are hard to get right. I did not feel confident at all and think I may need to wait till Monday for preliminary report.
  11. by   vitalerenee
    I thought I was going to throw up too!! still do!! We must have taken the same exam, cuz you are listing exactly what was on mine! I feel like it was sooo not fair. I studied so much, and cannot even Think about having to study MORE!! I think I have to wait til Mon. too, but I'm going to keep checking, maybe Sat. is considered a "business day"
  12. by   jennramapo
    Oh please let Saturday be a business day. I'll go crazy until Monday, I mean it's so nice to think of only 75 questions but what if I messed up somewhere. The content was very limited according to my estimation, so much infection control. Also, 15 of those were sample questions that don't count so after spending 4 years in college my boards have been decided on 50 actual question! Hopefully the SATA's were dummy questions.
  13. by   vitalerenee
    Yeah, I'm hoping the same thing!! I just looked in my ati book for "getting ready for nclex" and it says only 2-3% of the questions are "alternate format"... well...that comes out to like 2... and I had MANY of the SATA's AND a drag-and-drop...
    I thought only 15 were sample questions? but either way, 50-60 questions... if I fail, I am going to be sooooo upset...that was barely even a chance!