The more I study the more I realize how much I still don't know!! - page 4

Boy, oh boy! I am scheduled to take the NCLEX-PN this Monday (27th). I have been reading and doing the practice exams on the Saunders CD. I graduated top of my class but feel like I do not know... Read More

  1. by   lchrist2
    Hey I actually use to use a PDA and if you go to the website *Skyscape?* you can log in and find your history / receipt with serial number . I hope that can help you
  2. by   chui0112
    Quote from elnkb
    Maybe its too early for the pearson vue trick...i think people waited at least 2 hrs before they did the trick....just be a little bit more patient
    I took my NCLEX-RN on Monday and I still receive the same message. What does that mean??