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  1. elnkb


    how do i pm you? I have couple of things that I hope will land me a position
  2. elnkb

    Home Health RN--FRUSTRATED

    Hello All, I recently went to a open house interview for a home health agency, and after a week I called HR and was told that I was hired, and all they were waiting on was for my references to clear. Apparently they were having trouble getting hold of my references. Being told that I was hired after 3 months of job hunting, I was estatic. I immediately reached out to others who knew me professionally, and asked them to be my reference. Thankfully they all agreed. I called the HR person back, and gave her 2 additional RNs, and 3 clinical instructors. I called back 2 days later to see what was the status, and she was still having problems reaching out to my references. I called the instructors and left messages, and they haven't replied back to me. The two RNs were not sufficient enough because they wanted supervisors. I am a new grad, and these RNs supervised me during my externship....I just don't understand. NOW I have been calling almost everyday to see whats going on, and I get the voicemail. I have one more professor who agreed to be my reference, and I wanted to give the HR person her number. I even left a msg regarding this other professor, but no phone calls back. The last time I spoke to the HR was this Monday, and she said she had spoken to the manager regarding my situation and that I am good to go, but she needs to continue reaching out to my references... What to do??? I am beyond frustration, and I am driving myself crazy with all these thoughts about why this HR person is not picking up any phone calls.... Any thoughts anyone? Also what are your thoughts about home health as a first job for a new grad?? Any tips will be appreciated.
  3. elnkb

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    Anyone from WYCKOFF HEIGHTS MEDICAL CENTER in brooklyn? Salary? Facility? Interview Process? Pharmacology Exam? Anything would be appreciated!
  4. Can anyone shed some insights into what kinds of meds this exam entails? Are calculators usually allowed in such exams? I desperately need to pass this exam! any help would be great! also whats the starting salary for this hospital? THANK YOUUU
  5. elnkb


    THANK YOU GUYS!!! I am definitely putting up a brave front and trying everyday. Just recently I went to an agency, and they talked about doing Home care..its through a home care agency called Family Care here in NY. I am wondering if anyone had any experience working with them. According to the agency, they have hired a lot of new hires and they provide excellent support. I don't have to go to these homes by myself, I'll have an LPN with me. Right now thats the only job prospect..... so sad. Im actually considering it because I want to get any kind of experience. So what do you guys think?
  6. elnkb

    Winthrop Hospital Long Island New Grad Pay 09

    Hi Kimbalotz, Good luck on your interview. I just applied there in person yesterday. All they had me do was fill out an application, and hand in my resume. I was wondering how you applied, how long the wait was before they contacted you and whether you have Associates or Bachelors in nursing. I am trying to figure out if they'll call me :uhoh21: I have an associates and most places nowdays seems to want a bachelors... thanks for the info in advance
  7. elnkb


    DEAR NYC RN's! Like many of you many out there I need a job. I got my license two months ago, and after applying EVERYWHERE I am still unemployed. I did have couple of interviews but sadly I was not "fit" for the position...even for the hospital where I externed last summer...that was devastating I haven't even told my parents that I didn't get the position because I don't think I can handle their disappointment. Nevertheless, I am trying to stay positive and continuing with my job search. I have not applied to any long term care centers, but I think now is the time to branch my search out a little bit more and apply to these places. At least I'll gain some experience. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE name some LTCs in NYC area. I am having trouble finding them online. I don't care if its in brooklyn, manhattan, queens or bronx..I WILL APPLY ANYWHERE! Also do clinics hire new grads? THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE!
  8. elnkb

    New Grad position in the ED

    hey purellgirl were u hired in maimonides? im just wondering cuz i interviewed there last week and haven't heard anything.
  9. elnkb

    Montefiore in the Bronx

    BRONXNYNURSE you're the best! thank you for replying so quickly!! im definitely gonna go to montefiore next week on tuesday! so are you an lpn or rn? Because I am a new grad RN, and I am pretty much desperate to find work. Can you please tell me what kind of questions they ask, and whether the exams are multiple choice or not? Which location did you go to cuz they have like three of them. I don't want to call them to ask if they have open interviews because I'm scared like they'll reject me like everywhere else. Sorry I know Im asking for a lot but I have to investigate every opportunity there is cuz these are hard to come by. Any other info you can give would be great! thank you!
  10. elnkb

    Montefiore in the Bronx

    Can you please tell me what the test is on? thank you
  11. I PASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEDDD!! OMG I am a RN!!!!!! Can u believe it!!! Holy moly!! Its crazy!!! Congrats to you and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::up::up: Way2barnp! thank you for starting this thread, it relieved a lot of my anxieties while I was studying. I wish you all the luck in the future. Lets go be the best nurses that we are!! CONGRATS TO ALLLLL
  12. elnkb

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

    The trick wooorrrrrkkksssss!! I PASSEDDDD. I AM A RN!!!! I BELONGGGGGGGGG!!! :yeah:
  13. Way2barnp did u pass?????!!!!!! Tell me that u did!!! Praying for ya!
  14. omg way2barnp!!!!! i had 12 satas, 2 put in order questions, 2 medmath, plenty of prioritization, safety precautions, and bioterrorism, and 1 ekg (can u believe that?! i suck at those). oh also i had meds but suprisingly not a lot... there was only 1 i didn't recognized. all in all i had 75 questions....i felt better than the first time, only time will tell. i absolutely did the pearson vue trick and it said to contact the boards...a good sign right?!?? here in ny i can get my results in 2 days (thank god)...i'll let you know how i did. how about you? any news yets? lets hope we both make it!!!
  15. elnkb

    Had my NCLEX-RN exam today...stopped at 75 q

    Hello all... I took my NCLEX RN today at 8 am in NYC. I stopped at 75 questions, had 12 SATAs, 2 Medmath, 2 questions where I had to put things in sequential order, suprisingly not too many drugs..and the ones I had I recognized and used process of elimination to get to the right answer (I hope)...I had PLENTY of prioritization questions, PLENTY of safety precaution questions, and quite a few number of bioterrorism questions...WHEW!! This is my second time taking the NCLEX. And honestly I felt a lot better about how I did on the exam than the first. I took my time, read everything at least twice, memorized my values, and did 3000+ questions...Mostly from Saunders, I also used NCLEX 4500, and did Kaplan. I also used the Prioritization book from LaCharity....The first time around I spent 6 hrs reading, re-reading content...and 4 hours on questions, at the end of the day when I could bearly comprehend anything. When I got home, & up until now I have been doing the "pearson trick", and so far I have been getting a pop message that reads that I should contact my board of nursing...which gives me some hope...cuz according to everyone here...thats a good sign... I HOPE I PASSED, cuz this whole process is draining emotionally & physically.