The Longest Yard...

  1. any body remember that burt reynolds movie? that is what these last 48 hrs have felt like! omg, felt it would never be over! anyway, i just wanted to let everyone know i passed boards!!!! :smiley_aa i battled the "beast" & beat it! :smiley_ab i am sooooo glad that's over!
    i want to thank everyone for all their support, faith & prayers! it definately helped alot!
    to suzanne, i want to say thank you for all the time, research, & effort you put into making your study plan a reality. i don't know if i could have done it on my own. and thank you for all the effort you put into getting it to me.
    to anyone who is serious about their nclex study, you really need to pm does work for you!
    my best wishes to all who are still waiting...just keep the faith & my prayers are with you all!

    hlfpnt, rn
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  3. by   suzanne4
    so glad to hear, thanks for letting us know!!

    :angel2: :angel2: :angel2: :angel2:
  4. by   DolphinRN84
    Congratulations new RN!!!
  5. by   sweetnnurse
    I am screaming my head off. Yoo, Hoo!!!!! Congratulations!!!! :hatparty: all the best in your nursing career!!
  6. by   Chiefy
    Here I am again!!!! So happy for you. Dosomething nice for yourself. It's so nice to get the beast over with and not have to think about it again.

    It's great being a nurse.
  7. by   ICU_JOSIE
    Congratulations! Happy For You!
  8. by   RNKay31
    Congratulations and welcome to the RN club.
  9. by   EricJRN
    Woohoo! Good work!
  10. by   Justhere
    Congrats. I know you are so glad to get it behind you now. Congrats again :groupwelcome: :smiley_aa
  11. by   blessed1702
    aahhh! what a relief right?! i'm happy for you conratulations!
  12. by   hlfpnt
    Thank you all! Yes, I'm so happy that's's the best feeling! I give my greatest thanks to God...without Him, I wouldn't be where I'm at! :angel2:
    I'm keeping everyone in my prayers...good luck all!
  13. by   rags
    I am so happy for you hlfpnt! I am sure there isn't a greater feeling of accomplishment!!! I hope you have a wonderful nursing carreer and am glad you can now concentrate on patient care and not have to also worry about that silly little thing called the NCLEX!!! :roll

    This 'monkey dance' is just for you!
  14. by   hlfpnt
    Thank you, rags! It is an awesome feeling! Good luck to you & I'll keep you in my prayers!