the longest day of my life

  1. as the title goes, today is the longest day ever!

    I recalled taking nclex last December and didnt become lucky with 265 questions. the problem at that time is I am really wasnt prepared. been having a difficult time adjusting with my situation at that time and depressed. despite of begging to postpone the test, i wasnt able to, to avoid marital fights. but it is all done. after that, I started to review again, used Suzanne's plan and have been very optimistic about my next test. But things arent doing as smooth as what i want to, the same situation hit me again, plus being worried about parent's health and a death of my fave uncle... the amount of time i needed to review werent anymore available as the mom of my step son gave all the responsibility of me taking care of him during spring break. the workload became dreadful. hubby tried to help me but the notion that I only stay in the house and can do miracles remained. no one realized that i am already exhausted. the cry of giving me enough time to take the test the second time around is again imposible to achieve. i tried to study 2 hrs a day from 12mn til 2am as it is the only time for me to do it without disturbance. i asked if i can take the test 2nd week of may as i still need to familiarize myself from answering questions and reading rationales. but again, i have no choice but to take it today cuz nobody will bring me to the test centre except hubby. i couldnt take the cab due to financial reason.
    As i prepare to sleep early last night, my son asked to lay down beside me. he wasnt feeling well after eating 6 KFC thighs. (i just took him from his mom, looking dirty and his eyes were sunken), he told me that he wasnt eating and drinking well lately. by 10pm, he started vomiting. until this morning before i went to the test centre. we havent got any sleep at all! we just finished washing ALL our bed sheets and blankets and carpet. so i went to the test centre feeling sleepy.
    to make the story short, another 265 questions. 6 select all that apply, 3 drug computations, about 20 meds questions, more than a hundred of priority questions(ER and ward based). about 10 Q IN PEdiatrics. 4 q in psyche and about 20 universal precautions.I tell you, ALL the questions were very easy if you study...LOL
    i find the SAunders BOOK AND CD REALLY VALUABLE AND KAPLAN'S Q & A & CD'S REALLY the TOP CHOICEs. i find most of the questions similar to those. NCSBN review offers less info that these books altho i suggest that their meds review is realy awesome.(again, my bad, i didnt study much :-( )
    i am not expecting anything good about the test. I still believe that SUZZANNE's PLAN is the best plan ever, i just didnt follow it due to timing reason, and i will still be using it on my next test. i dont know the result but i am not waiting for it. I left the test site feeling well and hungry lol...
    thanks ms Suzanne for sharing me your plan, i will do better next time, thanks for this site for preparing me emotionally and helping me althroughout, thanks to all my new found friends here, thanks for everyone who shares their experiences and words of wisdom. for everyone BEST OF LUCK TO YAH ALL... dont stop believing... WE WILL SOON DEFEAT THE NCLEX MONSTER. JUST KEEP ON TRYING.....GOD BLESS!!!
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  3. by   kathykaye
    best of luck to you... god bless...:typing
  4. by   yalpog
    leilah75 we sometimes have to take things as they come. i have been hard times also, and i will be taking the nclex-rn this april 30. i did all reading from saunder's, but unable to get second tip from suzanne4. anyway. i will keep you in my prayers because i know you and i , and whomever take the nclex has the oportunity to pass, but i thing that timming a nd circumstances play a roll in our results on the nclex. please keep your chin up. i am sure eventually god will give you the right circumstances to do your best as nclex taker because so far i do believe god is letting you do your best as a beautiful strong commited woman, mother, wife and i am sure you are succeeding. please expect the best becuase you are the best you are a woman, a nurse. the best so far are the thing where you put your heart. nclex will be always there waiting to be overcome, but family members... we do not know. please leilah75 keep your chin up!! and felt cared.
  5. by   ArielleLVN
    You know that number of questions doesnt mean anything. Good luck!!! How soon you will know?
  6. by   Leilah75_RN
    thanks yalpog and kathykaye... i am still optimistic that one day i will be an official RN. maybe not now but soon. i know having an instant family is really difficult adjustment wise, but they are my treasures. i may have not find time to study, i may have been very tired filling up their needs and wants, but at the end of the day, their hugs and kisses and the feeling that i am very much wanted and needed in their lives makes my day complete. i express my frustrations, the hopes of getting quality time to review, the right of saying when i can take the test or not, but i dont regret any of it... i know nclex will always be there/here, aand i can take it anytime i want, but spending time with the kids and hubby is priceless... just hope i'll pass soon lol to help him out financially hehehehe....i will demand of me chosing the day of the test and not him tho lol...
  7. by   Leilah75_RN
    arielleLVn, CA doesnt participate on quick results so i might have the result in 14 days-4weeks time altho some says they were able to see their names 72 hrs after the test on CA BON website... if i dont see it in 72 hrs, i just need to wait and see what are my weaknesses and, i need to find a job outside nursing to have something to pay for the next test lol....
  8. by   sillysee
    I'm sorry that all of what you have mentioned happened. I am a mother of 3 and can understand. Although not in the same situation, there are always family stressors in life that will effect how we perform on the NCLEX. I'm still waiting for my results and for sure I know I failed. NO name showed up on the CA Bon site yet. So I am assuming I failed. But thats okay because I figured that I can do better the next time around. Getting real tired of feeling sorry for myself when others have gone through this at a tougher route than I. But that just makes us people who struggle longer to become better nurses since we've tried so hard to pass. I wish all is well with you and your family. Wishing you the best of luck and to be at ease soon.
  9. by   Leilah75_RN
    when did you take the test sillysee? try tomorrow as they update the site everyday... i feel u as well. all e can do is to be positive and try and try again... i had a hard time coping because i wasnt aware how hard being an instant mom. i live alone, taking care of only myself then just 13months ago everything changed...i instantly became the mom of 2 boys and a hubby... theyre the sweetest kids i have ever met in my ife, never in a day that they made me feel a stranger, it is the workload that is difficult plus having a military hubby that is really strict about cleanliness and healthy foods...i.e cooking 6meals a day, 3 for adult and 3 for kids.(very rare fastfoodslike once a month) stuff and more stuff.... thanks again sillysee and best of luck to yah..
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  10. by   whirlwind
    i salute you for being so strong willed and optimistic.
    hope one day you'll give us the goodnews...
  11. by   Leilah75_RN
    Quote from whirlwind
    i salute you for being so strong willed and optimistic.
    hope one day you'll give us the goodnews...
    soon whirlwind if not today or tomorrow, itwill be soon...i will keep on trying

    by the way, all that took the test with me finished at 265! well it was like 4 of us wer nclex rn and some werent nursing tests....some wer pn but they wer still there when i left...we all went home only minutes apart....i went home second
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  12. by   EzBSN
    a very brave lady, mother, wife and nclex test taker you are...
    hope you'll achieve your goal this time... being an rn
    my prayers goes for you and the others who just took nclex recently..
    best of luck!!
  13. by   RN BSN 2009
    Good luck!!!!!
  14. by   Leilah75_RN
    thanks so much guys...and best of luck to everyone as well