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kathykaye has 1 years experience and specializes in geriatric nursing.

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  1. kathykaye

    Advice pls

    Hi! I need some advice pls... My pd is feb 2007 EB3 (philippines). My i140 was approved last 2007. I recently recieved an email from nvc (about visa fee bill). However, it is on my unmarried name... I got married last year and i recently gave birth to my baby... Also, im working here in uk since 2009. Here are my questions: 1. Is it ok to pay my visa fee bill under my unmarried name? 2. How can i include my husband and my son in my application? Can we go all together? 3. Will it be possible to have my interview here in london instead of having it in manila? My nvc case number starts in MNL.
  2. kathykaye

    I-140 approved. what's next?

    Thanks!... I was just confused on when they will send the fee bill.. Thanks for your help!... :)
  3. kathykaye

    I-140 approved. what's next?

    Hi! My I-140 was approved last Oct 2007. My PD is Feb 2007. I just have a question. When will the NVC send the visa fee bill? and DS230? Is it when my PD is current? Thanks! Pls enlighten me... :)
  4. kathykaye


    thanks! i sent an email to them and awaiting for their response...
  5. kathykaye


    i'm from the philippines but presently working here in UK. I got my IL license last 2006 and since then I haven't renewed it yet. My question is do i need to renew my license eventhough i dont have SSN yet? Do i need to take another NCLEX exam if ever? My PD is Feb 2007. Will there be any possibility that my case will be processed next yr? Im just confused on my plans..
  6. kathykaye

    Scott's English Success

    which module am i going to take? academic or general training? is it enough to take the standard plan of scotts english success program? or better take the premium plan? need some suggestions. thanks!
  7. call the department for you to know the updated fee.
  8. kathykaye

    Texas Service Center Tracker for I-140

    notice of reciept was feb 20, 2007. sept 27, 2007 - USCIS sent me an email asking for further evidence from the employer oct 16, 2007 - Response to request for evidence received, and case processing has resumed. oct 22, 2007 - Approval notice sent.
  9. kathykaye

    Texas Service Center Tracker for I-140

    PD - february 20, 2007 notice of appoval - oct 22, 2007
  10. kathykaye

    Help! I-140

    employer files it.
  11. 1. What are the materials that you used? kaplan online, saunders Q&A 2. How many hours per day did you study? how many questions did u answer per day? 200-300 3. How many days or months in total you studied before taking the exam? about a month 4. What are the specific strategies that you used or the the test taking skills you applied during the exam? a. ABC b. maslow c. nursing process d. prioritization 5. Take one or take two? passed at 75 on my first try. goodluck. just have focus on your review...
  12. kathykaye

    I Passed the NCLEX

    mhae, if you're going to apply in IL, you dont need to take CG exam anymore. they just need the CES. then you can take the nclex. http://www.idfpr.com
  13. kathykaye

    Fingerprint Processing Fee for Illinois

    call them
  14. kathykaye

    ancillary nursing

    ancillary nurses are the one assigned in different department like ultrasound, women's care, cath lab, ct scan, voice and swallowing unit, etc... they assist the doctors in doing procedures... unlike the bedside nurses who are responsible for total patient care...
  15. kathykaye

    PLS...HELP! ILLinois Eligibility

    when you submitted the application for licensure, you have to complete the requirements within 3 years. Or else, you have to pass an application again. *passage of NCLEX exam is just one of the requirements... the ATT is valid for 90 days.
  16. kathykaye

    Illinois NCLEX reapplication???

    call CTS bout the result of your exam... or, if you have a credit card, you can have an access bout the result of your exam... in re application, you just have to download the same application form that you used before... and send it with ($79).. no need to send the other requirements...