So glad to be done with it!

  1. I took my NCLEX today and it cut off at 75 questions. I tried the PVT and I'm getting the "good" pop up, so hopefully that's a good sign. I thought the test was difficult. I had 22 SATA questions, 2 Drag and Drop, 2 Exhibit, and no math questions. (which I thought was odd)

    I am counting down the time until Wed. when I can get my quick results.
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  3. by   Lolandick
    What is exhibit?!
  4. by   Zazak
    Congratulation))) what review u use?
  5. by   Pneumothorax
    yeah what is exhibit?

    im hearing alot of peoples cuts off at 75 it seems the restructuring they did to the test made it easier to comprehend if that makes sense? maybe. idk..

    9days til i test

    & CONGRATS!!
  6. by   Shantybell
    I call them Exhibit maybe there's another name for them. It's the question type where you have to click on Exhibit to look through the patient's chart. There are different tabs with lab values, progress notes, etc. and you have to use the patient's chart to answer the question.
  7. by   Shantybell
    I used Kaplan review.
  8. by   bahuber5477
    What were your kaplan scores like if you dont mind me asking?
  9. by   Neen1221
    I had my test today too, I feel the same as you, alot of SATA, some Drag n' Drops, and some Exhibits and NO MATH THANK GOODNESS! LOL! Got 75 questions and the "good pop-up"!!! I have read that the pop-up is accurate, but I am anxiously awaitng to see the word "active" on the BON site! Congrats to you! I feel the test questions were right to the point and not filled with a bunch of crap to confuse you, like the tests given in school. The test wasn't easy, but it wasn't really hard's weird! You leave there not knowing what to think of it.
  10. by   drbettner
    When the computer shuts down, do you get a print out of how many of each type of question? I read so many remembering how many of each type, makes me think that you do get a print out. Just wondering, as I will be taking mine on Thursday the 14th of June!
  11. by   Snowy12
    I kept a running tally on the whiteboard they provide. They don't give you a printout.
  12. by   nurse671
    Congrats... 22 SATA!!... that's a lot. Any tips on answering them?
  13. by   newgrad30010
    congrats !