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  1. bahuber5477

    Readiness for NCLEX RN

    Also that all nurses study guide was a good quick review for the day or two before.
  2. bahuber5477

    Readiness for NCLEX RN

    I honestly didnt get much pharm. six or seven meds and i only knew two or three of those. I got 22 select all that apply, a lot of infection control and priority and delegation. I honestly thought it was a lot of hype. I studied 4-6 hours a day for a month and a half. I felt over prepared after leaving the exam. Keep studying youll do fine. Some of your kaplan scores are better than mine. Study some content. watch those content videos and use Saunders to brush up to! Thats my advice.
  3. bahuber5477


    PVT was accurate! I passed
  4. bahuber5477


    I got barely any meds....like six or seven and I got 11 SATA
  5. bahuber5477


    I got between 84-88 questions. I stopped looking when I realized I might be in for the long Haul after 75. I got a lot of delegation, prioritization and teaching. Also a ton of infection control. Hope its a good sign!
  6. bahuber5477


    I took the nclex today and got the good pop up. I sure hope its accurate!!!
  7. bahuber5477

    So glad to be done with it!

    What were your kaplan scores like if you dont mind me asking?
  8. bahuber5477

    Taking the monster 6/14!

    Im taking it the 14th to! Good Luck!
  9. bahuber5477

    NCLEX on 6/14

    Ive been studying since graduation and I am pretty much tired of studying. I am curious what you all think about what I should do with my final days of preparation for the NCLEX and weather or not I am ready for this test. I have prepared with Saunders and kaplan mainly. My kaplan scores are as follows Diagnostic: 61 Readiness: 65 1:61 2:57 3:62 4:57 5:58 6:58 7:60 I plan on doing about 50-100 questions per day and going over the all nurses study guide in my remaining days before the big test. Any input and help would be greatly appreciated. I am getting nervous!
  10. bahuber5477

    Readiness for NCLEX RN

    I just took QT test 6 today and got a 58 percent. Seems to be consistent score. Hopefully its good enough. I know my kaplan instructor said we should shoot for a 60 on the last two QT tests? Hopefully its close enough right?? Two more weeks until test time! I need to pass
  11. bahuber5477

    Is nursing still a good career choice?

    nursing is a safe career and there is always a shortage
  12. bahuber5477

    Recommended Stethoscope for STUDENT!

    I just graduated from nursing school and I have a MDF stethescope and really like it. I hear better out of it than my littman
  13. bahuber5477

    Readiness for NCLEX RN

    Thanks! I am working hard to narrow the gaps in my knowledge but with kaplan I am spending so much time taking tests and reviewing rationale its hard to find additional time to actually study and review content but I am working on it!!! Less than two weeks to go though! I am getting tired. I just took QT 5 and got a 58. Hoping to get above the 60% on the additional two QT trainers. I also need to do more reviewing of medications. I need support right now to people who understand what I am going through and if anyone wants to study via skype let me know!!
  14. bahuber5477

    Readiness for NCLEX RN

    Any comments, suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated!
  15. bahuber5477

    Readiness for NCLEX RN

    Hi, I am preparing for NCLEX and plan to take it on June 14th. I am very nervous about the NCLEX and have been studying a lot. I study on average about 3-4 hrs a day (am beefing it up to more like 4-6 in the next few weeks) and have taken a kaplan course. I am using saunders for content as well as the content videos that kaplan provides. Pharmacology seems to be my weakest link and im working on that. I also seem to get some safety questions wrong but I have been doing much better on them. My kaplan scores are as follows: Diagnostic: 61 QT1 61 QT2 57 QT 3 62 QT 4 57 I have not taken the rest yet and am working on them this week. I am going to take QT 7 a week and a half before the NCLEX My readiness score is a 66 Does anyone have any incite to how well im doing or my readiness to take the exam? Also what is the best plan of action for the remainder of my study time? I am mainly doing questions a lot and reviewing some of the content I score low in on the exams. Thank you all for any input.