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  1. Hello Everyone How are you. I need some help here. Actually I don't know what to do with myself. I have Failed my nursing boards 3times. I want to give the exam 4th time but i dont know what to study this time seems like i have studied all the material i have sauder's, lippincot and kaplan reveiw, but there is still a problem i am unable to pass my board sometimes i feel like quitting them i think nursing is not my thing after putting so many year in it i feel i like i waste them. I feel like my life is in hell. sometimes feel like i dont have no right to live i cannot pass a LVN boards. I took all my prerequieste for my R.N someone plz suggest me something what should i do. Thanks
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  3. by   hlfpnt
    See the "sticky" thread for Suzanne's study's located at the top of this forum.
  4. by   Life is in Mess
    Suzzane study plan where it is located plz send me a web site
  5. by   KellNY
    Well, why are you failing?

    Are you a bad test taker?

    Do you not know the material?

    3 times is a lot, you need to get to the root of this.
  6. by   Life is in Mess
    I think i am the bad test taker. I study all the material. but i just boomed first time the coumpter shut down at 85, 2nd time 205 and now third time 120. I am in Mess
  7. by   rehab nurse
    have you tried taking Suzanne4's study program? it's free, and she has a 100% pass rate for those who follow her plan exactly as she says.

    she has a post on how to start her program, in the NCLEX forum here:

    have you looked in the NCLEX forum? there's lots of people there who have been in your shoes. you're not dumb!!! you made it through nursing school, right?? you can do this. take a breather, and start suzanne's review plan. don't study anything else but what she suggests.

    what are your weak areas? does your state send you a breakdown of the areas you need to focus on? maybe you want to review those areas a bit more thoroughly?

    or is it test anxiety?

    whatever it is, you can overcome it. lots of other people have been where you are, and are now licensed. you can do it too!!! i know it's hard on the ego, but please take a break for a couple days, dust yourself off, and start a new review.

    Good Luck, and feel free to vent here or ask questions anytime. You'll find lots of support here!!! :kiss
  8. by   rehab nurse
    Quote from Life is in Mess
    I think i am the bad test taker. I study all the material. but i just boomed first time the coumpter shut down at 85, 2nd time 205 and now third time 120. I am in Mess

    did you have problems in school with exams as well?? or is it just the NCLEX? maybe your NP/MD can give you something to calm down for your exam, if it's anxiety related? have you tried relaxation exercises? i know how it can be nerve-wracking, anxiety-producing to sit in front of a computer to take the NCLEX, especially because it just shuts off.

    i don't think anyone walks out of that test center thinking they passed!!!

    i'll wait to hear back from you before i post anything else.
  9. by   Life is in Mess
    Hi, Thank you so much for your reply. I have sent a msg to suzzane and hope to hear from her soon and I will start studying again from wednesday.
  10. by   silentromie
    Hi there! I know exactly how you feel. I too have failed 3 times and will be taking it again for the 4th time. I feel like a failure too..... but I will try again. I guess it wasn't our time huh? Next time I take it, I will try suzanne's plan. It's free and you just use the saunder's book. I've heard a lot of people who uses it passes. See I've heard of her plan on my third try, but decided to study on my own. Mayn that was a mistake. I know we'll be able to pass.... I guess we just have to think positive and keep trying. Well the best of luck to you! Let me know what happens.... take care!
  11. by   Life is in Mess
    Ohh..... Thank you so much....... I thought i am the only one who failed so many times. well i am going to try the suzzane's study plan too.Lets hope for the best this time take care and keep in touch
  12. by   Lmex
    hi! wooou 3x is alot. i don't what to say to make u feel good. but just keep trying and nurse is not all. now that u have pre-q u can get a bachelor degree in something else like BIOlogy, ect..
    I haven't do the NCLEX yet, i send my application but wasn't complete my school doesn't want to give a paper of completion can u believed, i already paid. and the finger print i have to sent it again. i've been wating and wating. i don't have a mood to study because i don't know if some day finally my school will release the information.
    Try always to think in plan 1 and plan 2, in case plan 1 doesn't work u still have plan 2.:blushkiss
  13. by   tookewlandy
    You got through nursing school so you have the knowledge, Maybe its Test Anxiety. We just had a speaker about test anxiety and good thinking on how to answer NClEX questions, The organization STAT nurses they specifically work with people who have difficulty with tests especially the NCLEX(cause they are nurses). I got alot out of the workshop( our whole nursing class had to attend) and maybe if you look into something like that before you take the NLCEX again then it will help.

    Don't give up, you made it this far and your instructors would not have passed you if they did not feel you had what it takes.

  14. by   Ltorres5351
    Please don't give up, nothing is easy in life. Maybe you need to take one of those refresh courses on the nclex, try to find out.