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KellNY is a RN and specializes in High Risk In Patient OB/GYN.

Doula, midwife wannabe (soontobe!)

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  1. KellNY

    Floating=dumping bad patients

    I'm also guessing you got her because if she was hyperemesis, chances are she was too early in her gestation to require fetal monitoring. I'm guessing that since you're PP, you are not trained in fetal monitoring--either placement or assessing the strip. Therefore, this may actually have been the most appropriate patient for you. And, uh, antepartum nurses don't take care of "those patients" all the time either! As a nurse PICC lines shouldn't scare you--you might end up seeing on in PP (for example if a mother required transfusions for placental previa or something) and so should be comfortable with it. They're really just like double headed PIV lines-you just have to brush up on P&P regarding dressings and flushes.
  2. KellNY

    Loss of License in NY

    So it would say that it was revoked? Hmm.....
  3. KellNY

    Is 44 cents per mile good?

    Why on earth would you take a homecare position 60 miles away? Unless you're talking about a hospital or LTC job, in which I've never heard of any nurses getting reimbursed for distance/per mile.
  4. KellNY

    Seriously considering

    I kow of many nurses who couldn't give much of a crap about caring for people-they like the scientific part of it and/or the adrenaline rush, assisting in codes, the money/benefits/flexibility/stability, procedures, traveling, etc. There are lots of other reasons to go into nursing, and I'm surprised that you don't know that. If all you want is to "care for people" why not save a lot of time and money on school and be a CNA or Pt. care Tech, or volunteer or something?
  5. KellNY


    Thank you for that. Not only is that post paranoid, but not evidenced based at all...and I thought we were all working towards that?
  6. KellNY

    Loss of License in NY

    Just wondering (seriously for a friend, lol)-if one were to lose his/her license for whatever reason in NY, would the NYS online verification website have any record of them at all? Would it say that the license was revoked, or inactive, or would it just not have the person on the list? Thanks
  7. KellNY

    Do nurses collect cord blood?

    Not where I work, sometimes. But where I did my OB clinicals (community hospital) they did all the time. In fact, I did a few as a student nurse.
  8. KellNY

    17-lb Russian baby

    True, but technically a doctor doesn't have to "let" a pregnant woman do anything. A woman in the US could have refused an earlier c/s. Doing a c/s based on weight along probably would have resulted in prematurity in this case.
  9. KellNY

    Can a LVN work in L&D?????/

    While the legally *can*, most hospitals do not hire LPN/LVNs in L&D because an RN is used to interpret the fetal strip, assess/triage patients, etc. You would have to contact your local hospitals. None here hire LPNs in L&D. In fact, only 3 out of the 12 or so local hospitals hire LPNs at all.
  10. KellNY

    Patients on Medicaid

    Where are you getting this information? According to North Carolina's website, The single digit numbers are the # of people per household. The dollar amounts are what the HOUSEHOLD recieves--and that's a maximum. That's a lot less than $236 per kid. Not to mention, when you sell your food stamps, you don't get dollar for dollar the amount their worth. You get around half, give or take 25%. And they're much harder to sell now that the FS are on an EBT card.
  11. KellNY

    Patients on Medicaid

    Shaggy, do you have any idea what a small percentage of your taxes actually goes towards Medicaid? You're not missing any time away from your family to pay for Medicaid, and if you think you are, you're either paid literally pennies an hour or are seriously misinformed. Consider it this way--medicaid and welfare funding have been slashed in the past decade. Have you seen even a minute drop in the amount of taxes withheld. Neither have I. My taxes are taken out to go to a war that I don't support. At all. Do you see me saying that soldiers should be gracious to me for paying their salaries, travel and education expenses? Cuz, ya know, I can't opt out of paying for that. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to beat my head against the wall. A patient who receives medicaid doesn't owe you anything-thanks, appreciation, respect, anything. They aren't indebted to you. Many of these people have paid taxes at some point. If you were to become unable to support yourself or your family, you too would be entitled to health insurance. Careful you don't smack your head against your own clouded judgement when you fall off that pedestal.
  12. KellNY

    Kindergarten Career Day

    I did a presentation for my son's school (2nd-4th graders) last year. I was nervous too, but we had a ball. We did it in 6 groups of about 40...with each group--didn't matter the age, sex, race, anything-the top questions for each group were "Did you ever save anyone's life?" and "Do you see a lot of blood/vomit/poop?" I also got a few sad stories, that were told in such an innocent way, it just about broke my heart "Ooh! Ooh! I know where you work! My grandfather went there last year, but his heart stopped and they couldn't save him and he died and now he's burried and we visit him sometimes" or "There was something wrong the baby in my mother's belly, and it didn't get to be born so I didn't get to be a big sister yet" I think I handled my responses to the questions and stories pretty well, but I think if I would have thought about it before hand, I could've done a better job. My point is-maybe start thinking about how to handle situations like that now.
  13. KellNY

    Planned Parenthood... for men?

    OT, but that doesn't sound like straight talk...sounds pretty convoluted and biologically inacurate...:uhoh21:. It's not technnically possible, as the sperm would die in a cold, chlorinated environment. I get what she's trying to do, but in the end she's providing misinformation. Obiwarz-You might look into volunteering at a homeless shelter-maybe doing BP checks once a week/month or offering to teach a class (for example, on nutrition, smoking cessation, STD prevention, etc) at a homeless or DV shelter. That could be very rewarding. Although I could see a potential problem at a DV shelter...just brainstorming here...
  14. KellNY

    Kindergarten Career Day

    Johnson&Johnson will mail you as many Nurse coloring books as you want, competely free of charge...Trying to think of the website.... Hmmm....You might not get it on time, but it's worth a shot. Edit: I found the site-- http://www.discovernursing.com/free-materials-promotional
  15. KellNY

    Planned Parenthood... for men?

    Have you looked into a public health/free clinic? Most of them provide free or very low cost health care (I remember when I was in college but got denied for medicaid, I saw the doctor and got a sonogram for $8 out of pocket).
  16. KellNY

    Planned Parenthood... for men?

    I'm a little confused by your question. As an employee, you could expect the same job duties as a female RN, and those would depend on what position you take. Generally, if you're working in the clinic, you'll be assisting with prenatal care and abortions, post anesthesia, etc. There will be patient education for sure. Locally, the Planned Parenthood here hires CMAs for their regular appointments (pregnancy tests, STD test and tx, IUD placement, paps--all the GYN stuff) and RNs only for OB and TOP. As a volunteer, they might have you "working" health fair booths, college and high school events, other community education, etc. You'd have to contact them to see what's available and the specific duties involved.