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  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from Prayersworks
    Does the pearsonvue trick works for phillipine graduates?Please help me answer this.
    Merged with existing thread, please keep all questions regarding this trick in the same place
  2. by   melodramah
    I, along with 4 others took the NCLEX-RN w/ 75 questions, came home and got the "good" pop up.
    Found out as of last week, we ALL officially PASSED! The PV trick works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SO HAPPY!!!!!
  3. by   Ultim0
    I truly hope this "trick" is accurate...I took the test this morning and feel like I failed awfully! I hit the refresh button repeatedly after I logged into Pearson until it said "Delivery Successful", then I logged out and tried the trick (6 times so far) and get the exact verbatim message that the instructions say would indicate a pass. I don't feel like I passed, but I am praying that by some stroke of luck this "trick" is correct so that I never, ever have to endure that test again.
  4. by   Trina0606
    I just purchased my quick results and I PASSED! PVT works and thank goodness!!!!!
  5. by   erinrp
    Quote from EmOgle27
    I'm right there with you Erin
    Im so sorry to hear that. Well I will cross my fingers for you and I next time. I did register for the thing everyone recomended and it does seem like a good one. Mbaye you should look into it as well. Good luck next time and keep me posted.
  6. by   erinrp
    Quote from BSNFORME
    Hi all. I want to share with my experience. I came to USA and tried to take NCLEX-RN for 3 times as a foreign nurse. I didn't pass. First time I had 75 Q, second time I had 114 Q, and third time I had 265Q. Then I decided to go to Nursing School (New York). I graduated this year (BSN). I took my NCLEX-RN yesterday July 31, I got 75 Q. I had 9 SATA, 1math, and test looked pretty tough. I came home and i tried this trick, i went all to credit card and i even registered already. All these years of study at school, I took Kaplan, i read all book. I was getting 67 on Question training #6 and #7. On Q-bank- i was getting 58-up to 75. I have no idea why i didn't pass. I don't have official result yet, but i do believe in this trick, because i tried other 3 times before and i knew i fail. Now i am so upset, and don't know what and how to study anymore. I think i am just not lucky. I wish nobody go this hard and long way of study as i did, and it is not even finish I feel like crying. Any one has an idea how to start study again. If i have any chance to pass this test.
    I failed also and have been doing NCSBN learning extension course that some others on here suggested. It seems very similar to nclex style questioning and has alot of review as well. Good luck and hang in there
  7. by   erinrp
    Quote from LVCNURSE
    Your mom is right!
    Love the quote from your mom!! Some of the best nurses have failed the Nclex..Dont let it get you down..I kno..easier said than done..
  8. by   kleocattra
    I took NCLEX on Saturday, it cut off at 75 questions, I went home and did the trick, I got the good pop-up and today I checked the state license page and I passed!!!!!!!!
  9. by   leilani18
    In response to my post 2 weeks ago! I took the NCLEX PN on July 14th and I got my results in the mail today (Aug 2nd)--- & I PASSED! THE PEARSON VUE TRICK REALLY WORKS!!!!!!
  10. by   ndre1980
    Just took the Nclex. I had 75 questions and if I knew more than 15 was too much. A lot of SATA and meds I had never heard of before. I got the good pop up, so I'm praying that this trick is right.
  11. by   Ultim0
    I am right there will you...I hope it is accurate!
  12. by   Carrie_MTC
    PVT worked for me. Tried it probably 25 min. after I finished the exam and got the good pop-up. The next day I had my license number. It was also accurate for everyone I went to school with.
  13. by   Ultim0
    even accurate for those who didn't pass?

    Quote from Carrie_MTC
    PVT worked for me. Tried it probably 25 min. after I finished the exam and got the good pop-up. The next day I had my license number. It was also accurate for everyone I went to school with.