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  1. by   nelliethenurse2B
    uummmmm many of us here enjoy reading success stories about who passed and love to give advice,encouragement, and reassure to those who didn't... we are a family here and honestly you are entitled to your own opinion but i have to strongly disagree....this thread has given people like me who are either still in/out of school, or those who are about to start, some support and knowing what to look forward when the time comes... if your time came and went good for u....but there are new grads and prospective students coming to this site everyday for advice and encouragement and believe it or not, some of the success stories have actually made a difference in someone's life...sliverdragon thank you soo much for continuing this thread.....and students continue posting your success,fears,dissapointments,questions's the only way to be truly informed......
  2. by   SoSimplyMe
    Maybe she should call Pearson and find out how the process works.
  3. by   nelliethenurse2B
    my last post was for the person who suggested that our moderator silverdragon close this thread.....
  4. by   tjones57
    Well everyone after about 30 hours of extreme worrying I am convinced that i failed after reading every single thread on here and going straight to the cc page. i took my exam wed the 14th and got all 265 questions but afterwards I still had a little glimmer of hope until I tried to re-regegister and got straight to the cc page. I tried a few more times and got the same thing tear tear. It would be nice if I were the first person in the world to go to the cc page and still pass but i'm 99 percent sure that it won't happen congrats to those of you who got the good pop up and passed I wish I could be with you.
  5. by   studentnursefrmtx
    ok...its official now...I am R.N....Its was my first time....OMG..i can not believe it......PVT worked for me..i had 102 questions and i was pretty sure I failed...i came home...tried PVT and I got good pop up...This forum has helped me so much...Thank you ALL...Also, i have some good study material that I can share with anyone who is interested.. and for those who have not taken NCLEX yet- good luck to you, just believe in yourself and go for it...*wine.....
  6. by   Sarah with an H
    Okay, 48 hours with no sleep later...Quick results says I passed! I honestly don't know how because I came out of the exam feeling like I for sure failed it. I kept going through questions wondering in the back of my mind "Is this a minimum competency question?" I, for some reason, thought I would be able to tell which would be the harder questions and which would be the easy ones. Yeah right! I was probably only sure about 8 questions that I knew I was right. The rest of them, I couldn't tell and was playing a guessing game. I guess it's true when everyone kept saying to "go with your gut" because that's what I did on all 75 questions. When my screen stopped, I was almost hoping to have a few more questions to maybe redeem myself because I was THAT unsure. So, I came straight home afterwards and did this trick. Everyone in my class had taken their NCLEX, got the good pop up, and passed. I was praying that I wouldn't be the only one whose story would be different. I held my breath the entire time, but then got the good pop up. I wasn't convinced 100%, but it did make me not think about it as often. This morning I paid the $8 and got the quick results. I can't imagine the torture people from California have to go through and I'm sorry to those who don't have the quick results. BUT saying this, I know some of you will still worry like I did until you see it with your own eyes, but I really think this works. And out of the 30 students in my class who have taken the NCLEX so far, LPN's included, this "trick" has been correct for all of us. Not to mention the 1000's of testimonies already. So good luck to everyone still waiting, and congratz to those of you who got the good pop up! I really believe you passed.

    Sarah, RN (I've been waiting so long to be able to put initials behind my name!! YAY )
  7. by   LIoyd
    The d@mn Pearson Vue Trick works. I did it before and got to the credit card page. FAILED! Took the exam AGAIN yesterday, July 15th here in Gardena, California and 7 hours later... got to the credit card page again.... I just know it.... FAILED AGAIN! Hahahahaha. I feel like a total schmuck but that means I'll have to review and take it again. This thing works people. Better hope for the good pop up next time. I have yet to hear one person who will say this thing doesn't work. Coz' it does!

    I wish this forum would end all speculation and just close this topic by stating that thousands of nurses have tried this trick and its accurate. Period, case closed! Pearson Vue would never call this trick "official" cuz they profit 8 dollars for the QuickResults thingymajiggy.
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  8. by   gymmom125
    congrats to all that passed!!!!!

    we are all rn's..
  9. by   only by God's grace
    OMG! i passed. PVT does work! i was so sure i was that one exception. Thanks you for easing my mind! i love my fellow nurses=)
  10. by   LIoyd
    Well, yes all the discussion about this Pearson Vue trick does help give people support encouragement, positive thoughts and enthusiasm. So that's good.

    But its a complete torture for those who wish to know their results early but don't want to pay 8 dollars for quick results or are unable to use QuickResults in their registered state. I think with thousands of nurses attesting to this trick and NOT a single case of this trick ever failing----its pretty accurate! I wish some higher being with come down from Heaven and acknowledge this Pearson Vue Trick to be completely reliable and accurate already! No speculation or doubt needed----this trick works and I'm a living testament coz I landed on the CC page this morning! Failed! Hahahahaha.
  11. by   ADPIE10
    I took the test yesterday and have been going through what everyone else has. Waiting for the NCLEX results are bad, but this morning I realized not as bad as waiting for the results of a test for a serious medical disease. Those results that our patients wait for. When I thought about it, failing the NCLEX would not mean that a friend or family member would be ill, or if I'd have a roof over my head, or food on the table. It's hard waiting, but I discovered I'd rather wait for the results of this test... This revelation and change of perspective helped me... I hope others can benefit.
  12. by   LIoyd
    Adpie, why don't you skip the two-weeks mental torture of waiting for the result and find out the result already. You have the Pearson Vue account username and password. It takes 2 minutes to find out----save yourself 8 dollars and do yourself the favor of mental relief.

    Good luck to all the other candidates waiting for their result! I pray hope and trust that we all pass someday. Congratulations on the passers.
  13. by   insideout
    I got the good pop up and ended up passing. It works!