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  1. @caliotter3, I've been reading on previous threads that TCN should be avoided. Do you have experience with ISU? I'll more than likely just tell ISU that I'm not going to deal with TCN if it's not needed. I don't need a middle man, I just want to get my RN and be done with school for awhile.
  2. I requested info from the today, all I really know is that they are NLN accredited and that my states BON recognizes there program....what ever kind of info I get, I'll keep you posted! Good Luck!
  3. xLaurax

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    PVT worked for me, I took my NCLEX yesterday, as soon as I got home I tried it, got the good pop up and found my license number on my BON website!!! :yeah::nurse::lol2::D;)
  4. xLaurax

    Took NCLEX-PN today!!

    Thank you! Thank you!! I just spoke to a fellow student and she said I'll find out tomorrow thru my BON website, keeping the fingers crossed as another sleepless night awaits me lol!
  5. xLaurax

    Took NCLEX-PN today!!

    After a nerve racking day yesterday and getting maybe 4 hrs of sleep because I was sooooo nervous, I took my NCLEX-PN today...I hate waiting, so I tried the PVT and hopefully it works for me!! I got the "good" pop up, my exam shut off at 87 questions!!! I'm in Ohio, I don't know how the amount of ?s vary, but here the minimum is 85...so needless to say I was freaking out and now very anxious as I play the waiting game!!!