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CraigTurner R.N. specializes in OR / CDU.

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  1. Can you work as a CNA/NA/LPN as licensed RN?

    In Texas you can't. I had to quit my tech job after passing NCLEX and went without a job for a week until my R.N. job started.
  2. OR nurse as a new grad

    I just graduated May 2010. I interviewed and got the O.R. internship position in a hospital in North Dallas. I worked it for 2 months and immediately knew it wasn't for me. All those rumors about O.R. nurses not REALLY being nurses felt true for me....
  3. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    If you live in Texas review 301.258 part C subsection 2 of the Nurse Practice Act. If you fail NCLEX the Texas BON immediately revokes your GN license. So if you get on the BON website and try to verify your GN license and it doesn't appear or if you...