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  1. by   LindseyRN86
    Quote from N1colina
    Hey I'm hoping to find out tomorrow too! I was wondering the same it 48 hours from the scheduled time your test started? I arrived an hour and 15 min early for my exam, and started at 11 am instead of 12:15. So not sure if my results will be ready at 11 or 12:15!!! I know I sound like a neurotic We will find out tomorrow....good luck to you!

    I am wondering the same thing...Went on this morning and I didn't have me in there yet. Finished 3 hours after my start time so I will look back then..Good Luck!! Let us know how you do!! Did you get the "good" pop up??
  2. by   beeenieweeenie, RN
    OMG...just finished NCLEX-RN an hour ago and my status still says "ready for delivery" :-(

    Update: As soon as I posted this, I logged back in and delivery was successful. I got the good pop up, so I'm not gonna party yet, but I'm going to sleep tonight at least. So I glad I checked this forum before taking the test!!!
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  3. by   geteducated123
    Took the NCLEX today, got the good pop up. Will update when the official result is in.
  4. by   Bhenry BSN RN
    Just updating everyone. Did the trick with a "good pop-up" and I received my results and I passed! The trick did work! (And I checked it twice to make sure)

    Benjamin Henry BSN RN
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  5. by   N1colina
    Quote from LindseyRN86
    I am wondering the same thing...Went on this morning and I didn't have me in there yet. Finished 3 hours after my start time so I will look back then..Good Luck!! Let us know how you do!! Did you get the "good" pop up??
    I did get the good pop up and I DID PASS!!! Just found out a few hours ago! It's still so hard to believe until I receive my actual license in the mail!!! LOL
  6. by   ean29
    Thankfully another success story - got the good pop up yesterday after taking the boards and at 8 am this morning I could see my name and license number on the NH board of nursing. Whew, thank goodness that's over!
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  7. by   geteducated123

    i got the good pop up and i called my bon this morning,b/c we do not have the 48hr results and i passed!!

    very proud to be a new registered nurse.
  8. by   AtheistRN
    After nearly 3 weeks of waiting (and the good pop-up), I finally saw my name on the BRN website. I am a registered nurse
  9. by   MiniBabyRN
    I took my test on Tuesday, got home and tried the trick right away (so less than an hour after my test ended) and got the good pop up! I had 75 questions and took it in an hour and 20 minutes. I just got my quick results today and I passed!!!!!!! I am so excited to sign BSN, RN after my name
  10. by   LindseyRN86
    As I promised I would update!! This trick really works!! I had gotten the "good" pop-up right after my test and then checked again the next day and still "good" pop-up well this morning I looked at my quick results and I PASSED!!! WOOHOOO!!! No more tests!!
  11. by   BabyGEEEEE
    i took my nclex! i got a bad pop up!!! *&%$!! that's not accurate!!! it's just a trick i passed doode! have you ever noticed? they don't allow negative posts about pvt? i bet this will be removed. don't lose hope RN's to be! i also have a friend who did not have the good pop up but hey she officially passed. So people who got the bad pop ups or what you call CC pop just wait for the REAL result. it destroyed my life for two days! suck PVT
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  12. by   xxmayaoo
    Just took the NCLEX and I swear to god it felt like every other question was a select all that apply. The test shut off at 75 questions and I was kinda ****** bc I really didn't feel as though I did enough to prove my competency. I'm feeling awful now and waiting for results is even worse. I did the PVT and it said 'our records indicate that u have scheduled this exam. Please contact ur member board for further assistance. Another registration can't be made at this time.'. Is this a good sign? Also has anyone gotten the good pop up to later find out they didn't pass? I'm so on edge right now I feel awful ahhhh
  13. by   MaleNurse-
    first post here..hello.

    to the topic that i am too lazy to search thousands of posts for.... Anybody here got a good pop up with the PVT trick, and still failed?

    Is it possible?