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  1. by   caliotter3
    Use Quick Results to get your official results.
  2. by   julieinny125

    Just found out I pass! the pvt works ........
  3. by   RNmexirican78
    I am freaking out to the bad my boyfriend says that I am driving him crazy! I took my test on 4/7/2011 and I just so happened to stumble upon this Pearson Vue "trick". Now by what everyone is saying in regards to the "pop up" I passed but I can't stop obsessing over it! Can someone...anyone give me some peace of mind?! I don't know how long to wait until I check the BRN...I am in California and this dreaded state doesn't participate in quick results which blows my mind. I mean they torture you through nursing school, then make you insane studying for the NCLEX only to make you wait for your results! UUUUGGGGHHHHHH! FML to the 3rd degree! Any advise?!
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from snelson27
    I took my test today Saturday 4/9/11 and I was wondering if anyone knows if the PVT works on a Saturday or if I should wait to try it on Monday.

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  5. by   SarahShine
    Im wondering the same thing too if i the pvt works on saturday
  6. by   RNmexirican78
    @ sarah shine...yes it does...i checked this morning...i have been checking pearson vue since last thursday and it has given me the same pop up....i just want to know already...
  7. by   SarahShine
    Mee to it was my 2nd time testing and finally did it!! The good pop up is still there!!
  8. by   RNmexirican78
    well I hope that that means we passed...because I don't want to take that test again. I got 75 questions, I think, I remember looning at the nimber and I was at 61, I think, then it shut off little bit later. Good luck to you!
  9. by   SarahShine
    Good luck to you too!!!
  10. by   RNmexirican78
    I will keep you posted...thanks!* fingers crossed*
  11. by   SarahShine
    @ RNmexirican78 when did you take your test?!
  12. by   RNmexirican78
    4/7/11...I am in California
  13. by   SarahShine
    o0h.. i took mine yesterday(saturday) and when i walk out of the test center i felt good about it weird hun....did the pvt and started crying for happyness! Im in kentucky. Mine stop at 150-160 qs somewhere in that line , i thought it was weird number.