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  1. by   frontalobish
    me too!! i passed!!!! wopeeee!! LORD GOD!!! thank you thank you!!!!!!!! allnurses,my support group, thanks!!!
  2. by   AbaileyRN
    The trick works. I took my test on Dec 17th at 8 am. The test was so hard i left feeling depressed.I just kew i failed;it was my first time taking i got 75 questong 1 dosage, tons of SATA, infection control,and tons of drugs i did not know. While taking the test i figured iwould probally be going all the way to 265 because i thought i dint know anything. So after taking i tried the PVT and got the good pop up. I thought cant be right i know i failed so i tried it every hour and continued to get it. This morning i checked my unoffical results and seen passed. THANKING GOD FOR HELPING ME ALONG THIS JOURNEY BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE .

  3. by   dawndaryl6
    Hi. I'm so down right now. I just took the California nclex and I did the pv trick. It lead me to credit card or billing. Does that mean I failed?
  4. by   jtanga
    Good luck on your Official Result
  5. by   caliotter3
    Good luck with your official results.
  6. by   2011LPNJ29
    I will say start studying atleast it won't hurt either way.Goodluck!
  7. by   November09RN
    Took the Nclex-RN on Saturday Dec 18th. I came home and tried to register and it took me all the way to cc page.Tried it again and it would not allow me to go to cc page. I had all 265 questions...did not get a chance to do a hundred questions each day (did about 400 in total) Got a lot of questions on topics I've never heard of,but I tried my best with them.Had at least 20 SATA,lots of priority,meds that I've never heard of.I am not sure if I have passed or fail,but for some strange reason I am thinking that if I failed it I will definitely pass on my next try...why? because I failed it before,miserably,with 80 questions.I came home and prepared differently,probably did six hours per week in total (I am a stay at home mom without much help).This time I would stay up at nights and do at least 100 questions,go over my review folder to keep things fresh in my brain,complete my Lacharity book,and go over Kaplan strategies.I got to chapter 8 in my Lacharity book,completed the saunders but needed to go over it one more time.Basically I am just feeling that if I failed it with 80 ques before,with 265 this time,without doing what I was supposed to do...then my current plan is working and I just need some more time to do more questions and learn from the rationale,as well as some meds.Am I making any sense or am I just irrational at the moment? ... I appreciate any comments or advice that you can give me guys.
  8. by   caliotter3
    Good luck with your official results.
  9. by   November09RN
    Quote from caliotter3
    Good luck with your official results.

    Thank you Caliotter3!!
  10. by   Liyah24_RN
    This trick works so much!! Thank you for leting me know how to do this trick. It decreased my anxiety after taking the lpn nclex. I was so happy!
  11. by   sheila0313
    I know its best to practice at least 3000 questions at minimum. Just, wait to see your results. I will pray for you, Blessings!
  12. by   sheila0313
    I know a few people said that it took them to the credit card page and they end up passing. I know when I take my test next month I will not do the Pearson trick. I'm going to pray and keep faith until I get the official test results. So just pray and keep faith. I will pray for you, blessings!
  13. by   November09RN
    Quote from sheila0313
    I know its best to practice at least 3000 questions at minimum. Just, wait to see your results. I will pray for you, Blessings!

    Thank you Sheila0313! I agree with you about doing many questions;just that I had very limited time so I did not do the required amount.I have started studying again,will not allow this exam to take away my dream.I know I can do it and I will do it.