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  1. by   caliotter3
    Good luck with your official results.
  2. by   wisenurse
    CONGRATZ!!! I took the NCLEX-RN yesterday and got the good pop up too a few hrs after my test. GOd is good!
  3. by   Cutiepebbles19
    Ok, the trick worked for me!!!!!! I passed!!!!!!
  4. by   ynotony1966
    passed nclex rn
    did the pearson vue trick and it was right
    if you take your nclex just go to the pearson vue website,check to see if your test has the delivered status
    if yes than try to regester using the credit card option not the money order one
    after you enter all the info and try to regiter you will get a pop upwhich means you passed
    you you thought you failed you passed stop puncching in your user id and password over and over again
    now ive heard that if the screen you get takes you to a credit card option you will live to fight another day
    good luck to all taking this gut wrenching kick in the croch of a test
    oh yea i almost forgot
    the first place you will find your result are on the free website that the bon posts
    just search your state bon licences
    mine showed 27 hour 15 miniutes and 88 seconds after i finished my test
    keep you ten buck in you pocket
  5. by   greattobeRN
    i am so happy for you, i am waiting my result , i also got good pop-up, hope i passed too
  6. by   MissE0813
    Quote from schindler
    how many percent do you think you got correct answers overall?
    I know I've heard it said that the CAT system increases the difficulty until you're hitting about 50% right and 50% wrong...which is why I left feeling like I BOMBED that test. I've also heard it said that what really matters is if that level (50/50) is the skill level the computer is looking for. I can tell you that I had a couple easy questions that I got WRONG (remembered after the test - looked them up just to verify that my brain got STOOPID from nerves - LOL), and I passed...what I'm saying is that if I could miss those couple questions and still pass, I would tell most people to just not panic, my nervousness was my biggest hindrance during that exam.
  7. by   ynotony1966
    misse do the trick
    post your responce
    and thanks bsn4me
    its amazing when you see your lic# in a day
    i feel sorry for cabon
    i would get metabolic alkalosis for sure
  8. by   trammie
    The PVT worked for me too!!! I got the good pop up and I passed! )
  9. by   ynotony1966
    yea for us the class of page 216
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from Steph26
    My name is Stephanie and I took my NCLEX-PN yesterday and it shut off at 100 questions. I nervously tried the pesrson vue trick this morning with my aunt on the phone and I got the good popo-up, tried it again and I again got the good pop up stating that are records indicate that you already registered for this exam, contact your board member for more information, and yeah it says my NCLEX Exam was delivered successfully. Does this trick really work I'm really anxious.

    Because you are asking about the pearsonvue trick I am merging this with existing thread for continuity
  11. by   dahana
    Hi Everyone,

    So i took my nclex this Monday not sure if I pass!! The questions that i got were different of what i study for!!! My test ended at 85 questions. I try the pearsonvue trick like four time i got the good pop and status mention delivery successful but now im worry bc when i login yesterday on State Board of Nursing, where you apply for the application online my license status mention pending and now it mentions no license!! So now I'm thinking i didn't pass!!!! Anybody got that type of status?? And I also have to wait for my about 3 weeks!!!!
  12. by   mitchay08
    i took exam until closing time 265 question, then as soon as i got home i tried pvt but they didnt allow me in says on hold.... is it a good sign?
  13. by   moonisbright
    Dear Mitchay08,

    If it says test results on hold - that means that you probably cannot check the PVT until that hold sign disappears. Check again in 24-48 hours....good luck.