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  1. Uniquemoi04

    5 hour wait in ER results in triple amputation for toddler

    After reading so many of the post I am glad I work where I work. I work on a med/surg floor in a level 1 trauma center in Richmond, Va. Our census is full at all times (28 patients). Our nurse manager actually held a meeting to stress the fact that we are OBLIGATED to take our 30 minute uninterupted lunch break and then had us brainstorm a way for it to work on our floor (lunch buddies). Also at the most we will have 5 patient because the clinical coordinator on call will pull nurses from floors that do not have a full census to staff us because our floor is way to hectic to be understaffed. It is ILLEGAL to not receive your full 30 minutes and youcan do something about it. If you choose to say nothing and continue to work in these unsafe and illegal conditions then it is just that, a CHOICE. Complaining on here will not change what is happening to you. Also I have been in our ER and a 5 hour wait is not uncommon, we are a not for profit hospital so we treat regardless of ability to pay. Unfortunately this means we are now the PCP for many uninsured. This is a common problem for a lot of hospitals now and unfortunately until we figure out a way to fix the whole system it is going to get worse. It is easy to blame the triage nurse and the ER for what happened to this poor child but we don't know what was going on for those five hours. Have you ever heard of a dump (driving your shot up gang member to the ER and literally dumping him/her at the door). A child with a fever is not going to take precedence over that. Or how many traumas have been flown in by helicopter in that time span? Is the alcoholic starting to REALLY go through withdrawals? Did that inmate literally swallow a ball point pen? (And yes, we had that happen, he wanted to get out of jail for "a while")What happened was tragic but we can't crucify this ER without the whole picture first.
  2. Uniquemoi04

    New Grads, Bitterness, and Maybe A Real "Nursing Shortage."

    That is very true, the "nursing shortage" issue is still being used to recruit students into programs and a lot of the students coming in are under the mistaken idea that nursing will be easy, fast money as soon as they leave school. My school is guilty of it as well as a lot of the colleges and universities around my neck of the woods. They are instilling unrealistic ideas into students rather than being frank and letting them know its hard work and right now there is no guarantee. That would weed people out from the beginning and leave jobs for those of us that became nurses because its what we believe in.
  3. Uniquemoi04

    First job

    I am a new grad also (Aug 2010). I am working on a med/surg floor that I was also a patient care tech on. I feel like a complete idiot! You've been there 12 days, I have been orienting for like 6 weeks! I have been using our computer system for a year as a pct but as soon as the RN system was opened for me I got completely lost! Don't give up! From every nurse I have spoken to they all said they felt like they learned nothing in school as soon as they got on the floor. You can't know everything and at least you are smart enough to ask, some would just go do the task and HOPE they did it correctly. The way I figure it, I am going to be completely clueless for the first few months and my time management will suck for the first year if not more. Don't be discouraged, just use everything as a learning experience. (Also, it may not be you, school can only teach us so much and each facility uses different techniques and products so you can't know it all) Don't give up on nursing, who knows maybe long term care isn't for you or maybe the floor isn't a good fit. It's too early to count yourself out!
  4. Uniquemoi04

    "normal" vs "alternative" nursing programs

    lol that just made my day!
  5. Uniquemoi04

    "normal" vs "alternative" nursing programs

    I passed the NCLEX first time and thats how I feel, if you can sit for the NCLEX and you pass youre a nurse but I am meeting people that don't seem to feel the same way. Should I be bothered or should I just look at it as another opinion?
  6. Uniquemoi04

    New Grads, Bitterness, and Maybe A Real "Nursing Shortage."

    I guess I am a graduate of one of those subpar nursing programs. I went to Medical Careers Institute (Richmond, Va) and earned my nursing degree. My tuition was higher but my hospital foot the bill for half of it through tuition assistance (they apparently didn't mind I was at a subpar program). I did not have the time to wait on endless waiting list so I did what I had to do, just like a lot of the other people making that choice. Just about everyone in my graduating class is now working as an RN, majority in hospitals, those that aren't in hospitals chose not to be. I immediately had a job once I graduated and it wasn't because of where I graduated (in fact I was chosen over someone that graduated from our hospitals nursing school) but because of the fact I got my foot in the door early on. I made sure to become a care partner (patient care tech) as soon as I got into nursing school. That's what new grads are going to have to do, take the undesirable job, grunt through it for a little while, and use it as a learning experience. Once something better opens up go for it. Not only do you now have experience but most places will choose their own current employees before they will look outside of the company. Its hard out there right now since there are so many nurses coming into the work force newly or returning because the economy hit them too. Its an awful feeling not having a job but it only gets worse when you become bitter and give up.
  7. Has anyone else had a problem with other nurses turning up their nose because you went through an alternative program? By alternative, I mean I went to Medical Careers which is an all year accelerated program through ECPI. I know someone going through South University and 2 at University of Phoenix, etc. There are lots of newer programs that are board of nursing approved that can get you the same ASN or BSN degree only faster. I have had nurses somewhat look down on me because I didn't go to one of the "real" (and I quote) colleges or universities here in Richmond, Va. I feel like I am just as prepared to work as anyone else! Yes I got done in less than a year and a half but I also went year round (seriously, no summer break or anything!), yet the fact that I was done faster makes me less of a nurse? When did your program start dictating your abilities? Am I wrong for feeling a little upset by this? Any response is greatly appreciated but I would especially love to here from anyone that has gone through one of these newer programs.
  8. Uniquemoi04

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    PVT works! Got the good pop up and found I passed the next day!!!!
  9. I just took my NCLEX and my classmates that have taken it have passed. We all did Kaplan and found that the questions are more NCLEX like. You sound like you have prepared yourself well. Now you just need to trust yourself. I get really bad anxiety too so my nurse friends gave me this advice for the test: DO NOT CRAM the day before, in fact try to do something that will take your mind off of it for that day. Make a test drive to the test site so you are not lost or rushing and know exactly where to go the morning of the test. Make sure you have your paperwork, ID, and whatever else you need the night before. TRY to get a good nights rest and then wake up in the morning with enough time to eat breakfast. Go into that test like you know the info because you do. Read the questions carefully, some questions may ask about statements that demonstrate the patient understands the instructions but some may ask which statement by the patient shows need for further instruction.A few words can change the meaning of a question. DO NOT compare yourself to others. If you see others getting up and leaving don't worry, your test and their test are different. You can do this, be positive and believe in yourself!
  10. Uniquemoi04

    4th time failed!

    I used Hurst, Saunders, and Kaplan. I reviewed info in the first two books then used Kaplan questions to help me figure out where I was weakest. I found the Kaplan questions were closest to what is on the test. The Kaplan questions are supposed to be application/analysis based questions which is what you need more of to pass. I had a friend from Uraguay who took the test 5 times before she passed. It was the language differences that got her, the way the questions were asked confused her and it may be the same for you. She had nurses she knew help her study along with using Hurst. Hope this helps
  11. Uniquemoi04

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I just took my NCLEX today. one of my classmates told me about the trick. I tried it and I got the "good" pop up! I hope this is accurate because I am already working as an RNA:up: (I was a patient care tech and my nurse manager and hired me before I tested) and if I fail I have to go back to being a PCT:eek:. I will post if I pass as soon as I know, in VA you can call the license look up line 24 hours after the test so I will be on the phone at EXACTLY 8am, lol...
  12. Uniquemoi04

    RN Jobs in Virginia!

    I am currently in the RN program at the Richmond campus (done in AUG). I am not sure what rates you saw but if you go on the BON our RN pass rates are on par with other schools. In fact the class that just graduated (Feb 2010) has a 100% pass rate so far with only 1 student still waiting to take the test. As for hospitals not hiring from accelerated programs I don't think that is true, I think it all depends on whether the hospital has positions because right now MCV isn't even hiring its OWN nursing graduates. Luckily, my floor is waiting for me to graduate. One girl at the VA will have a job when she is done. A student that works at Henrico Doctor's will have a position created for her. Another recent grad just got hired by Henrico Doctors. My homegirl in the LPN program now works at MCV's childrens pavilion. I think it really depends on whether or not you already have your foot in the door...
  13. Uniquemoi04

    Nursing school advice for transfer student

    In my opinion getting your CNA won't hurt. In my hospital you have to be a CNA or an EMT to work as a patient care tech so that can help you get the hospital job. From my experience most floors will hire their PCT's into RN positions and most hospitals help their full time employees pay for school so thats an extra benefit as well. As for time, time is going to pass regardless of what you are doing so as long as you are working towards your future it doesn't matter (I am 27 by the way so I know how you feel about not having forever to get this done) just keep moving forward. Try to talk to some advisors at the schools you want to get in to, they may have some tips as to how to make yourself look like a better candidate.
  14. Uniquemoi04

    NLNAC the only way to go?

    out of sheer curiosity, do you have to graduate from an NLNAC accredited nursing school to get a job (especially in VA) or are other accreditations accepted as long as the school in board of nursing certified, like SCHEV or SACS? I ask because so many people I have talked to make it seem like it is NLN or you are screwed. Any information will help.
  15. Uniquemoi04

    Nursing shortage no more?

    good to know that there is a light at the end of this tunnel because I was really starting to get worried that I wouldnt be able to do what I really want to do