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  1. by   caliotter3
    Best to be concerned with the official results. Good luck.
  2. by   KikayK
    Took the exam on Aug. 6 in Manila, it stopped at 75 with about 20 SATAs. Within 24 hours, I checked online and got the good pop up on PV. Today, I tried again and still got a good pop up, and I've also just finished reading most of the posts on part1 and part2 of this thread. So far, there's NO ONE who said that the trick gives a firsthand (according to their own experience) false positive or false negative result. I think the trick really works. I know that nothing beats the official result but I am feeling much better while waiting for my result. Will let you know when I get the official result :-)
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from bibolen
    Good day everybody, I just took my nclex exam today here in the philippines and my board state is Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners.

    I am so curious about the pvt and tried it when i got home, I got the good pop up. How can i assure that PVT is true if the board is not participating in the quick result service? Thanks in advance
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  4. by   dirrtyxris
    If you got the "good popup" you passed. Guaranteed!
  5. by   Good.Pop.Up
    I took the NCLEX yesterday 8.17, was utterly devastated after guessing most of my answers. I went the full length (265, 5 hrs 58 min) and was certain I did not do well. I did the PVUE trick hours after the exam and was pleasantly surprised to get the good pop up. I have read a post that initially got a good pop up then later went straight to cc page, than another one that had a good pop up but actually failed. Are these isolated events or the PVUE is actually not a reliable measure to determine if one passed or not? I am still getting the good pop and I did it 2x before I posted this message.
  6. by   danathom
    I swear by it. I think you should feel great about your good pop up. I similarly went the distance, 265 questions, with 4 minutes to spare and found out officially today (my name on CA BoRN site) that I passed.
  7. by   Good.Pop.Up
    Quote from danathom
    I swear by it. I think you should feel great about your good pop up. I similarly went the distance, 265 questions, with 4 minutes to spare and found out officially today (my name on CA BoRN site) that I passed.
    You are certainly someone I can identify with, having gone through the same experience. I am happy for you. Congratulations and I hope to get the same results as yours. I am not sure where are you from but I am from CA.
  8. by   danathom
    I'm in San Francisco.
  9. by   Good.Pop.Up
    Quote from danathom
    I'm in San Francisco.
    I checked your earlier posts and found out that u took the exam on 8/13 and u said just got the results today? Does it mean I have to wait that long too? My friends got the results just 2-3 days but they did not answer the max questions like us.
  10. by   SWillig
    I took the NCLEX June 30th and failed with 265 questions. I didn't try the trick then. I studied my butt off using the Hurst Review and doing practice questions. I took it again yesterday and got 75 questions. I feel pretty good about it. I tried the PVT and get the good pop up! Hoping for the best! But i'm still nervous! I'll post tomorrow when I find out my results!
  11. by   KLGI
    OK I believe that it works but I just took the NCLEX at 4:40. It is now 8:30, and I tried the trick and it is giving me the good pop-up. Is it way too soon? How soon have all you guys tried to do it? Thanks!
  12. by   jayceone
    took nclex-rn today...260 questions...30 minutes left....quite tiring....everytime i saw a SATA questions i was like woot im doing good..had a couple string of them....then questions kept going..i was like damn i thought it be over by now since i got more SATA questions...come 260 i had my last SATA question..then it stopped....came right home and did the PVT the good pop up....did it several times...good a good pop waiting to get the official results keep yall update
  13. by   mc_account
    i took my nclex last august 14, saturday... i stopped at 75.. i have 15 to 18 pharma, 7 to 8 SATA, 4 drug computation, 1 ECG reading, the rest infection control and prioritization.. my #70 to 73 item, it was drug computation.. 74 and 75 are prioritization then shut off..

    i dont have my ss number but i took my exam here at california.. as soon as i saw this p trick i tried it and it leads me to the credit card payment page.. i am still hoping that i pass and keep on praying.. but to what i am reading makes me think i failed..

    does it really means i failed? or still wait for my official result to be mailed.. thanks nurses..

    congrats to those who got a good pop up..