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  1. rshenry

    Renown Hospital New Grad Question

    Yep, I am! I can't be a flight nurse as 2 years ICU/CCU experience as an RN is needed. Plus I don't like to fly. For now, I am staying put.
  2. rshenry

    Renown Hospital New Grad Question

    I have worked for the same employer for the past 23 years. I am at the top pay and retirement step. I have my choice of schedules too. I make 92K per year before overtime. I work in the highest pay area in the nation for Paramedics. Starting Paramedics work terrible shifts and make 1/2 the pay.
  3. rshenry

    My reality of becoming an RN

    I feel your pain! I am in the same boat. I am still working full time in my non-nursing profession. I try and work 1 day a week as an RN. But the reality is I make a lot more in my non-nursing job, and do way less work. Sad but true fact.
  4. rshenry

    What's your opinion about Excelsior Nsg Program?

    It is a great program if you state accepts it. I graduated and passed my boards with 75 questions. I live in California, and can't work here as an RN. I am licensed in Nevada.
  5. rshenry

    7 wks pregnant, offered 36 hr night position

    That is true! My bad! I assumed she worked for the same employer, just new position.
  6. rshenry

    7 wks pregnant, offered 36 hr night position

    You are pregnant not disabled. If it is your dream job take it! Besides once you have the position, if you pregancy related complications you have protection under FMLA.
  7. rshenry

    Renown Hospital New Grad Question

    I have applied at St Mary's. What smaller hospitals are in the area? I don't want to work in a SNF or LTC. I am in a strange situation where I have another job that pays more than nursing so taking a position in a SNF or LTC just isn't an option.
  8. rshenry

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    The good pop worked for me! I have not heard from anyone credible that it hasn't been correct! Relax you passed!
  9. rshenry

    Renown Hospital New Grad Question

    I have been submitted applications to Renown monthy. A recruiter finally called me and told me to quit applying! I was told "We don't hire unless you graduated from one of our local schools" Wow.....
  10. rshenry

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    unfortunately for you, it is accurate! Sorry!
  11. rshenry

    The CA New Grad Crisis?

    I am a new grad in CA. I have been licensed since last June. I have been offered jobs in LTC but I have NO interest in doing so. I have a full time job that is not in nursing making more money. So for now I will wait for the economy to turn around then I hope to get a hospital job. I am not going to leave a 6 figure a year job for LTC, or a SNF!
  12. rshenry

    Licensed RN, but need to repeat my ADN program

    CA BRN does not recognize Excelsior College ADN's for licensure due to a disput regarding the clinical. Excelsior requires that all ADN students be LVN's, RT's or Paramedics with a strong clinical background to enter the program. To graduate from Excelsior, you must pass and extremely rigourus clinical exam weekend (CPNE) The pass rate is only 58-62%! CA and Maryland will not accept Excelsior grads. Georgia and Washington states require Excelsior Grads to do a clinical after graduation in order to sit for the boards. In my case I am licensed in Nevada state with nursing experience, but can't ever work in California unless it is in a Federal facility. Which there are no jobs currently due to the recession. So I am considering repeating a 2 year ADN program in California. I will be done with my BSN before I get into any program because the wait times here are 2+ years!
  13. Hi, I am looking for advice for anyone that may have been or is in my position. I am a licensed RN in Nevada. I want to work in California but can't since I am an Excelsior Graduate. Does anyone know of a program that will accept my degree for partial credit? I serious do not want to repeat nursing school. I would gladly challenge course work or even do a full clinical if needed. So far the local colleges won't touch me because I am a licensed RN. I am so frustrated and don't know where to turn. The CA BRN is useless!
  14. After applying every month for the past 6 months at Renown in Reno, NV. A recruiter called me today, and told me to stop applying. He stated that they will not hire Excelsior Graduates. Does anyone know if this is true at St. Mary's too? Wow! We just relocated to Reno and I can't get a job as an RN.
  15. rshenry


    Passed NCLEX in June 2010. Can't find a new Grad job in my area. I am working in a non-nursing job but making more than a new grad RN.